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If you are not ready to buy a research proposal, let us talk about how to write a proposal for a research paper. Every school, department, and professor will have their own rules, but in many cases, those rules will amount to “write your research proposal according to APA standards” or whatever standard citation system is in use for your class.

This instructional PDF, with samples, from Miami of Ohio is a great place to start, even if you aren’t a student there. Whether you are someone who finds the formatting and specificity difficult, someone who struggles to choose an appropriate topic, or both, there are things you can do to improve your final product.

For those who struggle with formatting, rather than trying to figure out the whole thing, take it one step at a time. Place the title appropriately, then label the next section, fill it out, and move on. When people are struggling to learn, they sometimes make it harder on themselves by trying to understand even more, rather than just doing literally one thing at a time.

For those of you struggling with choosing a topic, here are a few recommendations, some of which are standard and some of which go against the grain, but tend to work better for actual students than the common advice for hypothetical students:

  • Do not choose a topic that is too broad. Research questions that are too broad are ones that the answer is already known and can probably be easily found, even if the topic is unfamiliar to you.
  • Do not choose a topic that is too narrow. Too narrow topics are ones that either cannot be answered at all, or cannot be answered by someone with your level of training. A first year psych undergrad shouldn’t be diagnosing people, even though it might be possible for a trained diagnostic physician to do so.
  • Do not choose a topic that you are passionate about. This is our contradictory advice. You choose a topic that you are interested in, but not one you have already decided about before doing research. Talking about it with friends and family is not research. You are welcome to your opinion, of course, but things that we have strong opinions about are rarely things that we are willing to learn about.

Admissions essay help.

Admission essay writing can be emotionally challenging as well as technically difficult. Younger writers often know that their essay is not as good as it should be, but have not had time to develop the skills to identify and correct problems. At the same time, of course you want your essay to reflect you.’s college admission essay writing service can help. We can edit your existing essay, rewrite it, or expand your notes into the kind of personal and powerful essay that will knock the socks off any admissions department. Here are some examples of great admissions essays.

A great admissions essay has a lot of moving parts, it needs to be:

  • emotional but not overwrought
  • personal but not larded with inappropriate and awkward details
  • honest but not full of information that would be labeled TMI even on Tumblr

They may be of help to you if you choose to go it alone with your admissions essay. Many of you will be applying to multiple schools, some of which will have very specific prompts, requiring you to write many unique essays while also doing your high school homework, holding down a job, and everything else a person needs to do.

We can provide models for each and every prompt, but while that is certainly a great option, it is obviously the most costly one (though not as costly as school or a yearlong delay!) We can help by providing an essay that you can adapt to meet the demands of each school, which is more cost effective.

Try to be flexible in your thinking as you make decisions about how to get through application process successfully and sanely. If you have questions about what might be the most effective route for you, let us know!

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I need help rewriting a paper. does offer rewriting services and you can place your order here.

For those of you wondering what rewriting services are, let me fill you in! Rewriting can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Needing significant changes to sections of a dissertation, thesis, or paper
  • Needing significant changes to an entire paper, thesis, or dissertation

Many people wonder how rewriting differs from editing. Editing usually includes only improvements to portions of existing writing. Rewriting, however, usually means changing or improving everything and can include changes to research or changing the direction of a paper.

Changes to research could mean that the existing research did not apply to the subject, did not meet academic standards, or has been discredited and should not have been used. Changes to the direction of the paper could mean that your thesis was incorrect. For example, if your thesis was that celiac disease and wheat allergies are the same thing, that would be incorrect. The paper would need significant rewriting to make it clear that the diseases involved different immune cells and results in distinct antibodies.

Rewriting can be extremely difficult for students who have done the research and written outlines, drafts, and final versions of a paper, only to discover that they need to change how they have looked at the thesis every step of the way. This is a necessary part of learning, but it is not necessary every time and sometimes you do not have the emotional energy or the time. can help, whatever your needs. Establishing priorities and outsourcing the least intellectually and professionally valuable work is a great to manage your time and stress levels while completing your education.

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Dissertation writing services.

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Many of our blog posts here at PowerPapers focus on undergraduate needs. That is simply the result of their being more of them than of dissertation students and the fact that their needs are usually more fundamental. PhD students, especially those writing dissertations, tend to have very specific needs, with a variety of caveats and exceptions that do not always suit a blog post. Rest assured, however, our dissertation writing services are among the best.

Our dissertation writers can provide help at every level of dissertation writing from the proposal to your final revision. Whether you need assistance with one phase, several phases, or every phase of your dissertation, we can assist you. Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

  • prospectus
  • research proposal
  • research and bibliography, including annotated bibliographies
  • first draft
  • rewriting
  • incorporate reader responses
  • final draft or final edit
  • written defense

For many PhD candidates, professional and personal demands tangle with the unprecedented amounts of paperwork associated with completing a dissertation and achieving a PhD. Many students who have already jumped through countless hurdles and written hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of research and other writing, find themselves at their wits’ ends.

One of the best things we give our clients is time. By hiring our writers or editors, our clients are able to devote more time to their other demands and to graduate more quickly, saving money as well.

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