Global Warming Paper Topics

Global warming is a controversial topic that can be formally defined as the gradual increase of the Earth’s temperature as a result of man made activities facilitating the greenhouse effect. According NASA (2015), 97% of the scientific community stands in near universal agreement that global warming is real. The controversy, however, relates to the degree to which humans are responsible for the changes. Within the political theater, there is considerable variance over the degree to which humans should accept responsibility for the changes. Beyond science, the political influence of commercial activity that drives greenhouse gas emission rises is influential in determining environmental policy. There is, as a result, a movement that proclaims global warming to be a hoax or part of the Earth’s natural cycle. For students wishing to explore this controversial and complex landscape, topics related to global warming can range from pure scientific explorations to more socio-political reactions to the phenomenon.

Global Warming Paper Topics

The professional staff at Power Papers is equipped to guide students through the vast elements related to global warming both on political and scientific levels. This can be accomplished by blending disciplines or by looking through a singular interpretive lens. The interdisciplinary nature of the topic makes it well suited for original and creative approaches to inquiry. For your global warming paper topic needs, the staff at Power Papers can be reached by email for orders or for questions related to the subject.

Interesting Global Warming Paper Topics

Science is often a challenging subject for students, particularly those who are more naturally drawn to the humanities and social scientific explorations of the world. Global warming is a topic in which its controversial nature makes it possible to explore from a variety of perspectives.  While the pure scientist could be content breaking down the chemical components of greenhouse gas and concentration of emissions, the political science student may find it more comfortable to examine how pseudo-scientific studies have been used to back policy initiatives by modern politicians. Beyond these spheres, literature students could examine representations of climate change in the context of science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury or Frank Herbert. Though it may not appear so on a cursory glance, there are many directions in which one could take in selecting a paper topic related to global warming.

Depending on course requirements and the degree to which instructors give leeway for completing a global warming assignment, a project could look quite conventional or quite unconventional. The staff at Power Papers is equipped to help students find a suitable approach to their global warming project needs that fits within the guidelines of their respective instructor’s assignment.

The following are a list of global warming related topics that would fall within the spectrum of inquiry related to the subject:


  1. Energy Challenges and Global Warming
  2. Climate Change and Earth History
  3. Alternative Energy: Challenges, Potential and Politics
  4. The Politics of Global Warming
  5. Global Warming: The Rise of Pseudo Science in the Role of Manufacturing Consent
  6. Fossil Fuels and Human Ecological Footprints
  7. The Polar Ice Caps and Global Warming
  8. Estimated Rates of Global Warming
  9. Coastal Cities and Rising Sea Levels
  10. Global Warming and Changing Ecosystems
  11. The Drought and Global Warming: California Case Study
  12. Harnessing the Wind: Wind Energy
  13. Geothermal Energy Potentials
  14. Nuclear Energy and Climate Impact
  15. The New Right and Global Warming Politics
  16. The Wooly Mammoth and Climate Change
  17. Weather Trends Over the Past Century
  18. Animal Habits and Climate Change
  19. The United Nations and Global Warming
  20. Fossil Fuel Use By Nation
  21. Representations of Globalization in Popular Advertising
  22. An Eastern Versus Western Cultural Examination of Global Warming
  23. The Most Polluted Places in the World
  24. Real World Solutions for Climate Change
  25. Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  26. Air Pollution: A Regional Case Study (Can Select Any Region)
  27. Education and Global Warming
  28. Global Warming: Controversy and Reality (What We Know and Don’t Know)
  29. An Inconvenient Truth: Documentary Analysis
  30. Global Warming: The Hoax of the 21st Century
  31. Natural Cycles and Global Warming
  32. Common Habit Changes Any Person Can Do to Positively Impact Global Warming
  33. Climate Change Representations in the Mainstream Media
  34. Global Warming and Human Health
  35. Crop Yields and Global Warming
  36. Global Warming Representations in Cinema
  37. Global Warming and Human Migration Patterns
  38. Climate Change Representations in Science Fiction: Ray Bradbury and Frank Herbert
  39. The World Health Organization and Climate Change
  40. Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events
  41. Global Warming and Human Extinction
  42. Christianity and Climate Change Understanding
  43. The Industrial Revolution and Climate Change


Projects listed can be followed exactly as outlined or they can be used as an idea generator for custom topic student preferences. Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here

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NASA. (2015). Global climate change. Climate NASA. Retrieved from.

History Paper Topics

History can be identified as the study of past events, which particularly include elements of human related affairs. Since history is written and left to interpret by other human beings, it is not as definitive of a study field as would be mathematics or earth science. According to famed conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte, “History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon” (PBS, 2015).  Despite this rather unfavorable definition, the study of history endures as being quite important for understanding the present. Aldous Huxley (2015) builds upon this facet of the discipline, “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history” (p. 5). For students wishing to navigate history, examine historical contexts of a given situation or to understand history’s players, selecting topics and sources can manifest as a daunting task.

History Paper Topics

The professional staff at Power Papers is well versed in a variety of historical related topics. As a result, we can help students select a research topic, select suitable primary and secondary resources for that topic, and they can complete a full project on the selected topic ranging from a one page essay to a complete dissertation. For your history paper topic needs, Power Papers’ staff members can be reached by email for questions regarding paper topics or to complete an order.

Interesting History Research Paper Topics

The nature of history is such that it can be applied to virtually any element of study, thereby making it the perfect discipline for cross curricular exploration. While conventional history projects may focus on a topic like Civil War History or Ancient History, there are also countless specialized topics including but not limited to the history of medicine, warfare, art, criminal justice and computers. Listed are some interesting topics that can be used to formulate efficacious explorations of respective historical elements. Since history is so vast and multifaceted, it can be accurately stated that there will be some suitable aspect of historical inquiry that will peak the curiosity of even the most discriminate student.

The important thing to consider when selecting a history topic is the amount of exploration necessary and the quantity allocated by the instructor for this exploration. For example, a complete exploration of Civil War history could not be contained in a 300 word essay. The staff at Power Papers is equipped to help students narrow down and select topics that can be explored suitably within the context of the given assignment. Selecting history topics is a matter of establishing balance between the scope and available information of a given subject. Rather than a regurgitation of facts, proper historical exploration contains critical thinking about the information collected.

Below are a list of some topics that fall within the spectrum of history paper topics:

  1. A History of Warfare
  2. Female Gender Roles in the Second World War
  3. World War II: The Pacific Theater
  4. A History of the American West
  5. Native American and U.S. Government Relations
  6. Public Education History in the United States
  7. Conquerors: Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Genghis Khan
  8. Lee and Grant: Studies on Civil War Leadership
  9. A History of the Civil Rights Movement
  10. The Vietnam Era: An Age of Social Upheaval
  11. Hippocrates and Early Medicine
  12. Renaissance Art History
  13. Where Reality Ends and Entertainment Begins: Analyzing the Historical Fiction of The Great Gatsby and My Antonia.
  14. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler: The Minds of Political Murderers
  15. A History of Serial Killers
  16. Capital Punishment in Human History
  17. Historical Interpretations of September 11th
  18. Orientalism: An Examination of Western Views on the Far East
  19. Race Relations in the United States
  20. Early African American History in the United States
  21. Art in the Harlem Renaissance
  22. The Black Death (A Study of the Bubonic Plague)
  23. Plagues in Human History
  24. Christopher Columbus and the Arawak Indians
  25. Civics and Cultural Hegemony
  26. Cultural Imperialism in Developing Nations
  27. A History of the Internet
  28. An Examination of Slavery in Human History
  29. Entertainment and Human Society
  30. The Roman Empire
  31. The New Deal in American History
  32. The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
  33. Historical Applications of Marxism: Successes and Failures
  34. A History of the Cold War
  35. Reaganomics: A Trickle Down Myth or the Strength of Capitalism
  36. Historical Divisions of Science and Society
  37. John Brown and Radical Abolitionism
  38. A History of the Catholic Church in the United States
  39. Martin Luther’s Reformation
  40. Secret Missions of the CIA

Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here.

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Sociology Paper Topics

Sociology is a vast area of study with a variety of related sub-contexts. Though a singular all encompassing definition of sociology would be difficult, a strong working definition of the topic would be the study of the development, structure and functions of human society; which would include elements like social problems (Macionis, 2014; Kornblum & Julian, 2011). It can further be stated that sociology is “The study of the way in which human beings are shaped by things that they don’t see” (Richards, 2011). Being that these vast sources are often times not visible, students studying sociology could quickly become overwhelmed with where to begin formulating a prospective topic.

Sociology Paper Topics

Our staff of professionals are equipped to provide custom sociology papers in any of the many dimensions present in this field of inquiry. From creating social science research proposals to analysis of specific areas of social problems, we can provide drafts as well as completed final projects for your sociology paper topic. If your needs are not listed or if you have any related questions, just email us.

Interesting Sociology Research Paper Topics

Listed are some interesting and popular research paper topics for sociology. They are sufficiently robust to be able to accommodate research papers of all different sizes and academic levels.

The listed topics can be used as articulated or they can be used as a thought generator for something similar. Sometimes simply looking at a list of suitable topics can spark one’s creativity.  Due to the multifaceted nature of sociology and the many controversies that exist within the discipline, being very specific about topics is often in the best interest of creating the strongest final product. The beauty of sociology is that the many sub-contexts that are related to the human experience mean finding a topic that one finds to be interesting is not as difficult as it may be in other more specialized disciplines. It can be stated that within prospective sociological topics that there is something for everyone to explore.

Though unraveling some of the many social problems that plague humankind is no doubt a noble endeavor, taking on too much in a single subject can lead to half formulated ideas and conclusions that are difficult to substantiate. While papers of any size can be created for you, the amount of material that can be covered in a 2 page paper versus what can be covered in a 25 page paper is quite different. Topics should be realistic in terms of size and what the student is attempting to accomplish with their respective scope of inquiry.

Below are a list of some topics that would fall beneath the umbrella of sociology subjects:

1. 21st Century Social Problems in the United States
2. Marxist Interpretations of White Collar Crime
3. Exploration of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
4. Employing Mixed Methods Social Science Research Techniques
5. Health Care as a Social Problem
6. Social Policy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
7. Strain Theory and Street Crime
8. HIV: The Modern Global Plague
9. Inequality and Social Striations
10. The Nature of Poverty
11. An Examination of the Types of Crime and Criminals
12. How to Control Crime in the 21st Century
13. Violence and the Human Experience
14. Discrimination and Social Exclusion
15. Public Education and Sociology
16. Wage Slavery and Big Business
17. The American City: An Urban Analysis
18. Social Impacts of an Aging Population
19. Gender Roles: Tradition and Sexism
20. War and the Human Experience
21. Technological Impacts on Human Society in the 21st Century
22. Social Problem Projections for the Next Century
23. Liberalism and the Family Unit
24. Single Parenthood and Conservative Social Policy
25. The Glass Ceiling: Women in White Collar Occupations
26. Prisons: The Cost Socially on the United States
28. The Prison Industrial Complex and the War on Drugs
29. Transgender Visibility and Changing Gender Paradigms
30. The Internet and its Social Implications on Human Society
31. Teen Addiction and Community Outreach
32. Juvenile Delinquency and the Family Unit
33. Western Society and Cultural Imperialism
34. Mass Communication and Collective Behavior
35. The New Media and the American Political Sphere
36. The Culture of Masculinity in the 21st Century
37. Sports and Human Social Identity
38. Sociology in Secondary Education
39. The Sociology of Victimization
40. Adult Education and the Non Traditional Student

Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here

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Kornblum, W. & Julian, J. (2011). Social Problems. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Macionis, J. J. (2014). Society: The Basics. New York: Pearson.

Richards, S. (2011). A radical experiment in empathy. TED. Retrieved from.

Philosophy Paper Topics

Philosophical ideas come in all varieties. Every culture has many philosophies that shape it, and individual philosophies shift depending on who in the culture embodies them and where. Nonetheless, philosophy students can find themselves without any idea where to begin or end when it comes time to choose their philosophy paper topics.

Philosophy Paper Topics

Fortunately, we can help! We can provide philosophy papers in any subject area. These are just a few of the formats in which we can present the final work for your philosophy paper topic. If you do not see yours listed, just email us.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

Below are some interesting research paper topics that you can use, either just as they are or as inspiration for something else! If you are struggling to find a topic, remember it is always a good idea to go small.

Big ideas are fun and interesting, but part of what makes them fun is that they are big, even hyperbolic! Most students are writing papers that range from one or two, to only ten pages. There is not enough room in those papers to look at whole disciplines or genre. This means that a paper on Pythagoras’ influence on modern thought would be gigantic. A more appropriate topic for a custom paper written for an undergraduate would be something like, Pythagorean thought and modern science fiction television in the U.S.

Here are some more philosophy paper topics:

  1. African Aesthetics in Black American Film of the 21st Century
  2. Algonquin Political Philosophies in Early American Governance
  3. An Aesthetics of Virtue Ethics
  4. Arab Aesthetics in American Television, from 1970 to Today
  5. Contemporary Chinese American Aesthetics
  6. Contemporary Interpretations of Pragmatism
  7. Contemporary Jewish Philosophies including Reform and Hassidism
  8. Contemporary Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
  9. Creating Distance: Upper Class Victorian Parenting Philosophies and their Influence Today
  10. Distinctions in Neopragmatism
  11. Epistemologies of Misogyny
  12. Ethics and Philosophy in Contemporary American Politics
  13. Examples of Cargo Cult Science: The Diet Industry
  14. Existentialism and Developmental Adolescence
  15. Feminist Ontologies
  16. Feminist Philosophies of Film
  17. Foundations of Womanist Philosophies in the U.S.: Sojourner Truth and More
  18. Greek Philosophies: Why are we Still Crediting the Greeks for Something Every Culture Has?
  19. How Language Reveals Personal Philosophies: Relationships in Star Trek
  20. Immanuel Kant and Aesthetic Judgment
  21. Leisure Philosophies of African American Working Class People in the 21st Century
  22. Mainstream Perspectives on Minority Groups: The Real and the Unreal
  23. Ontology of Reality Television: Becoming and Existing on The Bachelor
  24. Phenomenology and Radical Thought
  25. Philosophies of Fashion: Capsule Wardrobes and Myths of Simplicity
  26. Philosophies of the Upper Class
  27. Philosophies of Time in American Daytime Soap Opera Worlds
  28. Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  29. Philosophy of Science: Scientific Pretense in Obesity Research
  30. Postmodern Philosophies of Nature
  31. Reality and Actuality in the Real Housewives Franchise
  32. Reality and Existence in Hartnell Era Doctor Who
  33. Skepticism and Self Regard
  34. Subjectivism Versus Objectivism in Harry Potter
  35. Symmetry and Complexity: Philosophies of Mathematical Beauty
  36. The Flesh Versus Homeric Gods: Quine and a Radical Embodied Self
  37. The Philosophies of Contemporary Pop Music: Aural aesthetics
  38. Working Class Philosophies of White Americans in the 1920s

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