Women’s Studies Paper Topics

Though women’s studies is often its own unique department or area of concentration, the subject intersects with literally every other department and field of study that exists. For that reason, women’s studies paper topics are a varied arena.

Women’s Studies Paper Topics

Because of the immense variety of potential ideas, it can be overwhelming to choose. You may want to purchase a paper from us, if so, you can have us choose the topics or choose the women’s studies paper topics yourself.

Topics for Research Papers

Whether you are writing a small or large research paper, we can help. These topics for research papers are just some of what we can do and we hope that they can inspire those of you who are interested in writing your own:

  1. 60 billion in profits: Cosmetics in the U.S.

  2. Anti-racist and feminist philosophies of gender

  3. Beyond choice feminism: Why capitalist models of feminism necessarily fail more than the 99%

  4. Black women caught between white and Black beauty industries

  5. Could be worse: Women’s activism and threats: Threatening women who resist sexism with the violence of global misogyny also has racist implications

  6. Dangerous work and difficult schedules: The pretense that women are protected from lucrative work for their own safety

  7. Diet profits and the damage done to conversations about women’s actual health

  8. Feminist economics and small business loans

  9. Feminist pedagogies

  10. Feminist theories of visual media

  11. Gender in my own life: Disappointment and recovery

  12. Gender studies: The limits of euphemism

  13. Gendering everything: From laxatives to toothbrushes, you can get it in pink

  14. History of women’s movements in the U.S.

  15. Intersections of feminist and queer theories

  16. It’s OK to mistakes, even if you’re a woman: The myth that it’s “worse when women do it”

  17. Male pattern violence and domestic violence

  18. Native women in the Americas: Invisible but available: Sexual access in media

  19. Not like other women: How autobiographies of exceptionalism make women more vulnerable to manipulation by predators: Sociological and psychological perspectives

  20. Perceiving social norms without giving up

  21. Porn is a 97 billion dollar global industry. How do they succeed at making themselves look like the victims of anti-porn feminists?

  22. Profit motives: Women work harder for less, but are still shut out of many industries

  23. Race and class: What changes and what remains for women across identities

  24. Reproductive choice: State enforced pregnancy and childbearing in the twenty-first century

  25. Resistance: Native women today

  26. Rosalind Franklin and the theft of women’s work in the sciences

  27. Separatist feminism in the 21st century

  28. Social and cultural constructions of gender: For everything we do one way because of ‘nature’, there is at least one culture that does the opposite for the same reason

  29. The perils of proof: When people insist on proof of harm before they will stop hurting you and why it is a waste of your time

  30. Trying talking about health without mentioning weight: Industrial strength rhetoric

  31. Using maternity and parental leave to improve company function

  32. Why don’t we call it slavery: More than 12 million people are trafficked for sex against their will and for the profit of others

  33. Womanism and feminism in contemporary practice

  34. Women in science fiction: For some a world of gender liberation and for others patriarchy colonizing infinite space

  35. Women’s work: Raising, feeding, and clothing the world: From living to working in factories and restaurants

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Nursing Paper Topics

Nursing paper topics are often determined by the instructor. For the most part, there is little leeway to express creativity. Fortunately, even if creativity is not an option, personal interest is. Nursing students can focus on the kind of work that inspires them.

Nursing Paper Topics

Nursing students are often working while studying, and at times find that they can only think of what they already do and how they do it. That is a normal problem to have when considering nursing paper topics, but happily we can help.

Whether you want to blow the doors wide open or explore a familiar topic from a new perspective, we can help. We can also help the rote and administrative type assignments that are common for nursing students.

Just like in any field, there are people who find the researching and writing of a professional field more interesting that the practice of that field. Fortunately, those people can become writers and they work with us at PowerPapers.com.

Research Papers Topics

Below is a list of research and other nursing paper topics that you can use for inspiration. We can write on these and any other topic that might interest you or be needed.

  1. Acquisition of clinical skills: Oncology

  2. Basic nursing procedures: Managing stress and fear

  3. Breaking the communicable disease chain: Nurses' roles

  4. Clinical nursing skills: Watch the video

  5. Communicable diseases: Known reservoirs of contagion

  6. Community health nurses in American Indian communities

  7. Community nursing in rural areas

  8. Community nursing in urban areas

  9. Continuing education for nurses: What’s working and what isn’t

  10. Critical care nursing in pediatrics

  11. Cultural accommodation and nursing in America

  12. Cultural competency in nursing

  13. Dental nurses: Underutilized

  14. Determining the best nurse-patient ratios for obstetric units

  15. Emergency room nursing in the US: From trauma to common colds

  16. For-profit medical care and the place of nurses

  17. Global health issues and nursing

  18. Healthy choices make up less than 25% of health determinants, social metrics more than 50%: Why do you talk about the first more than the latter?

  19. How would you describe a healthy community?

  20. How YouTube can help you support your own learning in nursing school

  21. Labor and delivery nurses

  22. Learning not to use “weight” as a substitute for health: One nurses journey

  23. Long term care nursing in rural environments

  24. Med surg nursing: Is it right for you?

  25. Medication errors and understaffing

  26. Mental health nursing: Career options for graduating nurses

  27. Modes of transmission: Communicable diseases

  28. Nurse sensitive errors and nurse-patient ratios

  29. Nurses and virtual learning environments: Understanding limits in nursing education

  30. Nursing education: Know your learning style so you can help yourself

  31. Nursing education: We’re all administrator assistants now

  32. Nursing infomatics and new protocols

  33. Nursing jobs for those with cultural brokering expertise

  34. Nursing with Dummies: Issues in education: Medical simulation for nurses

  35. Other words for compassion: cultural competence and nursing

  36. Pain management: What nurses need to know

  37. Patient acuity tools and proper scheduling

  38. Patient engagement and job satisfaction for nurses

  39. Perinatal nursing in communities with high maternal and infant mortality

  40. Philosophies of nursing leadership

  41. Postpartum education and the reduction of postpartum depression: The role of nurses

  42. Profit based health care delivery systems and nursing

  43. Range of motion exercises: ROM and rehabilitation nursing

  44. Recruiting and retaining nurses

  45. Relationship theory in nursing

  46. Social determinants of health and the roles of nurses

  47. Summary and analysis: Why nurses should be full partners with physicians

  48. The BMI lie: How profits and bias got the CDC to ignore its own findings

  49. The practice of emotional intelligence: Nursing

  50. Traveling nurses: Increasing demand and expanding opportunities

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English Paper Topics

Coming up with English paper topics can be deceptively simple. That is, it can appear easy, but since we are accustomed to thinking of books, especially novels, only in terms of whether we liked them or not, it can be more difficult to write a full length paper. Even if writing the paper is easy for you, it may also be boring if you do not have a topic that catches and keeps your interest.

English Paper Topics

Whether you want us to choose your English paper topic and write your paper, or whether you are looking for inspiration to start or continue your own work, we can help! If you aren’t an English major, you might think about the ways that the book you are writing about intersects with your major.

To give you an idea of how you can use any type of book to talk about any kind of subject, I’ll use an example from the self help genre. If you are writing about Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you can write about self-help books from the perspective of psychology, sociology, or even anthropology. You can do this by comparing self-help book trends in different countries, or at different times in the same country.

You can also explore the self-help genre from a scientific standpoint, by examining the almost universal failure rates of diets and comparing them with the economic success of the self-help publishing industry. Perhaps you are an economics major, in that case, you can explore the economic trends of the self-help industry versus that of novels.

If you want to write about it in a strictly “English department” way, you can even write about self-help texts in novels. For example, the women in Jane Austen’s novels are often reading self-help texts, usually of a religious nature, because the genre was considered appropriate for women while novels were considered a luxury that would encourage women to be lazy. Some of these perceptions persist today, where women’s choices in reading are derided. So, self-helps texts can be explored as a historical phenomena, a religious imperative, and a feminist reality, in terms of novels alone.

60 Research Paper Topics

We can write about literature, but we can also write literature! That is, if you need short stories, plays, poetry, or other prose fiction, we can write those, as well. Here are another 60 research paper topics for papers about English language texts:

  1. /Satire: It’s more than just repeating the opposition’s language: Satirical signifiers

  2. A critical essay: It’s not about complaints or praise

  3. Adult fantasies of childhood in English language literature of the early twentieth century

  4. Alice Walker: Books on film

  5. American protest literature of the 21st century

  6. Argumentative essay: All writing classes from K-12 should include units on code switching

  7. Argumentative essay: Why you should recycle and carpool as much as possible

  8. Audience matters: How thinking about who you are talking to can improve your writing

  9. Best bites: The Canterbury Tales and how teaching choice parts of ‘great works’ fails students

  10. Catch-22 book review

  11. Cause and effect essay: How stereotypes make day to day life harder

  12. Cause and effect essay: Lies that help and lies that hurt

  13. Change of scene: Walking, dancing, and sitting in Jane Austen’s novels

  14. Combat in English literature: King Arthur and others

  15. Comics and graphic novels: How to write about images

  16. Comics on screen: iZombie

  17. Coming of age stories in Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin

  18. Conflict with self in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

  19. Critical essays include expository, descriptive, definition, and persuasive elements

  20. Definition essay: You didn’t know and now you do

  21. Descriptive essay: What I’m talking about in five paragraphs

  22. Editing as composition: How to improve your writing

  23. Expository essay: Almost no one enjoyed their K-12 experience, how can we improve the system

  24. Expository essay: Why “compare and contrast” is both repetitive and unclear

  25. Fiction into film: Gone Girl and The Leftovers

  26. Five paragraph essay: The Hunger Games

  27. From movie, the musical, to movie: Hairspray

  28. Gendered humor in George Eliot’s Middlemarch

  29. Harry Potter and the dream of a life without parents

  30. Hermione Granger and Girl Friday

  31. Hester Prynne and Monica Lewinski: Puritan narratives of women in America

  32. Humor in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

  33. Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility  and Christopher Marlowe’s and Dr. Faustus: I read them in high school and no one knew they were funny

  34. Literature off the page: Playwriting and screenwriting: The theater background of Tina Fey and other television stars

  35. Media and identity in contemporary literature

  36. Misfits and underdogs in literature

  37. Musical theater rises again: Its influence on contemporary comedy

  38. My heroes have always been fictional

  39. Newspaper writing and opinion-editorials: How op-eds evolved in American newspapers

  40. No drama: Placidity as a mode of cultural control in contemporary novels

  41. Persuasive essay: Shakespeare should be left behind in the majority of American schools

  42. Persuasive essay: Why computer literacy should be a part of all education

  43. Presentation of the self: J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter books

  44. Rare birds: Women antiheroes in literature

  45. Rhetorical devices and responsibility: You, them, we, and me

  46. Shakespeare, race, and the 21st century

  47. The Bronte sisters and their terrible men: Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

  48. The delicacy of the human spirit: George Orwell’s 1984: The responsibility of government toward its citizens

  49. The emptiness of theme in understanding literature

  50. The Pacific Northwest in fiction: Lee Maracle’s Ravensong

  51. The poem I would want read at my funeral and why

  52. Theater for whom? Race, class, and gender in contemporary drama audiences

  53. Theater: What plays and vaudeville taught me about television

  54. Very rich or very poor: The absence of working class life in American novels

  55. What I learned when I learned how to read poetry

  56. Where are the real lives? Why don’t contemporary novels have anything about life in them

  57. Who cares? Why schools should stop teaching William Gold’s The Lord of the Flies

  58. Words have moods: How to write feelings

  59. Writing about nature in the 21st century: The return of conquest stories

  60. Youth is no longer for the young: How teenagers and 20somethings exchanged rhetorics

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Education Paper Topics

Teacher education can be interesting and rewarding, but it can also be an administrative nightmare. Classes are sometimes larded with busy work that trains teachers to fill out paper work rather than to teach. Education paper topics often have little room for creativity but fortunately, that is not always the case.

Education Paper Topics

Whether you are looking to purchase a custom written, plagiarism-free academic paper on a topic already chosen or are looking for something a little off the beaten path, we can help! From pre-school to graduate school pedagogies encompassing everything from finger-paint to teaching medical fellows, our academic writers can help.

Topics for Research Paper

Here is a list of some recent research paper topics we have written on along with a whole bunch of ideas for you to consider when writing your own paper.

  1. A history of education in the American south

  2. A history of women and the teaching profession: Normal schools, Abbeys, female seminaries, and more

  3. Abuzz: Buzzwords in education: The illusion of change and the toll on communication between newer and more experienced teachers

  4. Academic advising and counseling

  5. Adult learners in math

  6. Bullying: A new term for an old reality: Hostility and toxicity in education: How students and teachers suffer

  7. Continuing professional development that works

  8. Critical pedagogies for teaching high school students

  9. Digital technologies in the classroom: Early childhood through adolescence

  10. Do you want to be a teacher or a nurse? Women’s work and how incorporating men into the field of teaching has moved women further into the margins

  11. Early childhood education in language

  12. Early childhood education: The negative in Sesame Street

  13. Educational psychology: Considering everything and doing nothing

  14. Failing up: How the worst administrators move up the ladder

  15. Few good memories: Almost no liked their school environment, so why haven’t we changed it for the better

  16. Field observations: Do they help or hurt: A survey of students

  17. Follow the money: Testing and textbook industries

  18. Foundations of literacy

  19. Historically Black colleges and universities: Pedagogies of liberation

  20. Histories of secondary education in America

  21. Inducting new teachers in the profession and a school system

  22. Initial teacher training: Preservice coursework that matters

  23. Internships in contemporary classrooms

  24. Is the school environment destroying teacher and student self-esteem?

  25. Knowledge, attitude, behaviors, and skills associated with best practices in elementary school teachers

  26. Lesson plans for English language learners of all ages and levels

  27. Lesson plans for teaching English to fifth graders

  28. Matriculating teachers: Why do so many new teachers give up teaching after doing so much to get their training?

  29. Mentoring and peer networks: Do new teachers require support groups for their personal and professional well-being?

  30. Methods for assessing student learning and their ascendance over methods of encouraging student learning

  31. Methods of teaching physical education, K through 3

  32. No other choice: Is the system so hostile to new teachers that only those without other options remain?

  33. Parents, teachers, and administrators: Where are the students? Toward actual student-centered pedagogies

  34. Post traumatic stress disorder: Students in crisis

  35. Radical philosophies of education: Getting to the roots

  36. School counseling: No good news for students as counselors identify more with their system than young people

  37. Second language learning in children versus adults

  38. Sensemaking: Early childhood through adolescence

  39. Sexual harassment and abuse of students by teachers

  40. Sociology of education: How did teachers become social workers and nurses?

  41. Student teaching: Should it start earlier in the teacher education process

  42. Student-led classes: How to make them work

  43. Successful professional development: Collaborative and active learning

  44. Supported teachers are supportive teachers: Why a toxic system can’t be compensated for by individual teachers

  45. Teacher development: Is it helping teachers and students

  46. Teacher training colleges versus liberal arts colleges: Which creates more teachers who stay in the field

  47. Teachers and school systems: Why are they portrayed as enemies

  48. Teaching children or passing time

  49. Teaching for social justice at the high school level

  50. Teaching nurses and other medical professionals

  51. Teaching Spanish to Native English speakers, K through 3 (available for all languages and grades)

  52. Teaching through different media

  53. Technology in the classroom: It’s never too early

  54. The role of education in colonization

  55. Theories and practices of education

  56. Title IX: Coming of age at forty: How women are using Title IX to make campuses safer and better

  57. Unit plans for middle school biology classes

  58. Why do they leave? Training, induction, and the school system at large. What do former teachers say made them leave the profession

  59. Why do we resent paying to educate children?

  60. Women’s colleges and universities: What radical pedagogies teach us about education

These are just some of the research paper topics on which we can write for you. In addition, we can write all manner of traditional projects like lesson and unit plans for all ages and subjects. You can let us know your state or even the school district to which your projects should be tailored. Whether we are assisting students, student teachers, or current teachers with work or continuing education projects, you can rely on us to provide plagiarism-free work in a timely fashion.

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