Help with timed tests: A little different

Sometimes people need help and they aren’t just working with a deadline, but with a timed test. Yes, we can help. And yes, the situation is a little different from a typical order. It is different because you will need to email us or fill out the contact form before you order a timed test.

Help with timed writing

Needing help with timed writing projects, including assignments, is pretty common. It is particularly common for students with anxiety issues or reading disabilities.

While the ADA requires accommodations be provided, in reality, schools, teachers, professors, and other students are often hostile to actually providing those accommodations. Further, students have to be willing to share personal information, which often requires a high level of trust in people one does not know can be trusted until it is too late.

In any case, most students find that all ADA really does is allow them to put in a lot of effort to make their own accommodations. It is no surprise that many choose a ghostwriter or academic writer as their accommodation.

Even without a mental health issue, reading disability, or an illness, many people find timed tests overwhelming. They are not relevant to everyday life or job performance, but still your career can depend upon them. For many people, it is too much to put themselves through.

Help with a timed math test

Issues that lead to needing help with timed math tests are no different. Most of us have to have our work done by a specific time, but something about the paired image of a stopwatch and an exam does a lot of people in.

What to do if you want to help

Gather all of the information you have together and send it to us in a single email. This should include the department, the class, and the list of texts to which the exam will refer. Be sure to include the date and time window (and your time zone!) of the exam.

At that point, we will confirm a writer for the project. Once we have confirmed a writer, we will let you know and you can make payment! It is as easy as that.



This article is designed to help dissertation writers who are early in the writing process and have time to be flexible. If you have kicked the can down the road and time is short, parts of this guide will still be helpful but you may be more interested in dissertation writing services than another guide.

Be mathematical.

This might seem overly fussy, but it works. If you are required to write a 10,000- or 30,000-word dissertation, it can be difficult to think about anything other than that enormous word count. If you are a multi-tasking worrier then you can skillfully alternate between worrying about the size of the paper and the date it is due.

Save yourself!


Sorting it out mathematically can take you from the unending drama of “I have to write to write 100 pages in 3 months!” to realizing that you only need to write 300 word each day.

Now, of course, you know that you will need to do research and take notes. If you are a worrier, you are now thinking “But I will not start writing for weeks, maybe months!” This is where we point out that you are actively looking for ways to be upset. It is time to put that habit aside for your own sake.

As you do your research and take notes, whether you take notes on paper or in a computer, you can still start putting down 300 words a day. One mistake people make on large projects is doing all of their research before starting to write. This is a mistake because you lose so many details between your original reading/ note taking and writing.

When to write

You have probably experienced doing research and having a moment where you cannot stand to do any more reading or note taking. That is the time when you take a break and do some writing! When you feel you have had enough, get a glass of water and a snack, then take those notes to your computer.

Write out your notes, including citations*. Develop them into sentences and paragraphs in the appropriate sections. Yes, you may need to move them later, but no one writes their first dissertation without moving paragraphs around.

*Never leave citations or references for later

That you got all the way to your dissertation with this terrible habit and your sanity intact is a real feat. Stop now. Remember the frustration of putting references into a 12-page research paper a couple hours after you wrote it? Now imagine trying to fix those references in a 40-page paper, two or three months from now. Not a good time.

Oh, and do the bibliography as you go, too. Any professional dissertation writer can tell you that two of the biggest time and sanity savers are 1) writing as you research and 2) full citations and references as you write. Why would you save writing the reference entry for a book you are reading right now for another day, week, or month?

If you are thinking, “Because I am so stressed right now!” remember that there is no way you will be less stressed when the dissertation is due in two days and you have returned the book to the library and someone else has it. Yes, you are under stress, but do not make the mistaking of using that stress to make things even worse for yourself later!

Imagine how good you will feel when you have put down three or four hundred words that do not already need more work:

You, if you enter your citations as you go.

How to prioritize

When writing your dissertation, there is always going to be something to do later. You will find better, more up to date research; you will realize that paragraphs need to be rearranged. Those are not evidence that you have done anything wrong. They are also not things that you can plan to avoid. If you want to do those things perfectly from the start, you are going to be miserable. Let them go now.

When you are trying to decide whether a thing should be done now or later, the first question to ask is whether it can be done now. Including full citations and putting an entry into your bibliography can be done now, and so they should be done now. Conversely, you cannot know what you have not yet read, so it is reasonable to expect those elements of a paper to change.

Another thing that cannot always wait is editorializing. Sometimes, something you read gives you a wealth of ideas that you want to write down. We recommend using a different colored font. Do not use a different font face or size. Also, do not put these in a separate file. Use the same font color for all editorializing. This will be easy to see, but also easy to fix.

Why? 1) Your editorial comments will be the thing most likely to change upon further reading. 2) You do not want to wait to write them down, because they are also easy to forget. 3) Having them in their own color can help you iterate through the text and look for contradictions or alignments. 4) Even if you keep all of your editorializing, you may need to move it to your discussion section later in the process.

Do not organize yourself into oblivion

You will notice that we discourage adding layer upon layer of organization. When you are first getting into a big project, parsing it into smaller pieces can feel like taking control. Unfortunately with big projects, you can find that rather than having four larger things to think about, you have made 4,000 tiny things that you need oversee.

Different files for every section, a file for writing and a file for notes on that section, another file for your bibliography, and reams of handwritten notes and color-coordinated post-its is a recipe for disaster for the average student. Instead, consider a simple goal of one or two pages a day; make them as good as you can and do not worry about perfection.

Graphics, graphic organizers, and other images

Because the type and nature of graphics can vary so much, we not include them in our dropdown menu under Assignment Type. Rest assured, we do provide graphics, graphic organizers, and other images.

Sometimes, a graphic is a simple and uncomplicated figure. Other times, they are complicated and include massive mathematical calculations developed using software like Excel, MATLAB, SPSS or others. There are too many variables to and it isn’t possible to include them all.

Education majors need graphics to help first graders with thinking and learning skills like counting and the alphabet, and finance majors need them to explain economies to PhDs. Graphics provide flexibility, obviously.

What graphics are called depends on your region, your field, and your professor, among other things. Knowledge map, concept map, and cognitive organizer are just some of the names used to describe graphics. Flow charts, graphs, and figures, are also used to provide information about things or ideas and their relationships to one another.

PowerPapers can also provide storyboards, fishbone diagrams, charts, and Venn diagrams, to help you improve comprehension and retention of ideas and information. If you wondered why we did not include graphics in the dropdown menu, by now you probably have a very good idea!

Whether you need a graphic to support written information or to replace or fully represent written information, we can help. Let us know what you need and we can help you complete the order form.

If you have an assignment that requires a graphic, but are not sure how to go forward. Send the details to us. We are happy to review and provide the information you need to include your order so that you are assured of receiving what you need.

Why Writing an Admissions Essay is Like the Super Bowl

Answering the question “What should I write my college essay about?” is difficult unless you are a Seattle Seahawks fan in early 2015! Then, the answer is simple: Just write about the team’s amazing overtime victory in the playoffs or their incredible effort to repeat as world champions. Write about what the team means to you or watching them from training camp to the big day and what that teaches you about perseverance.

So how, exactly, is admission essay writing like football? At the beginning of training camp, it’s always hard to guess whether the team has what it takes to make it all the way to the big game. Admissions essay writing is the same in that it’s anybody’s guess what the admissions officers will be looking for this year and what other obstacles the process may reveal. At the beginning of the writing process, you may have no clue where you’ll end up.

But when you contact an admission essay writing service like, you get the equivalent of the returning champions with all their star players intact and the coach chomping at the bit to be back-to-back champions. You can never guarantee a team is going to create a dynasty, but a history of success is a good indicator of future success. We have a history of success. With writers with decades of collective admission essay writing experience, we are the Seahawks of today’s academic writing community. We’ve been to the big game and won. Now, they’re ready to help you get there again.

Writing your college essay about doesn’t have to be as risky as betting on the Super Bowl before the preseason is over. Choose a topic close to your heart and something that has made you a better person. Or, write about football. If you’re still at a loss for ideas, find a star player like us to help you make the big play.


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