Business memos and communications

Business memos are the formal way employees at a business communicate with one another. Just as students need to learn how to write professional emails that are distinct in tone and style from private communications, they need to learn how to write more formal communications.

Business memo writing differs from professional emails in a few ways. One of those is that while emails can include all manner communications, business memos usually introduce important changes and include structural and formal changes to business or its operations.

Business memos can be emails or hard copies, but are often both. Unlike regular email communications, memos are usually retained and organized. Our business memo writers can provide you with a custom template or final version of a variety of business memos.

The content of business memos is extremely important. Poorly written memos can leave a business open to lawsuits or create internal problems if they are harassing, abusive, or otherwise unprofessional.

While the internet has a number of excellent examples of memo, especially academic Web site like this one, it can be difficult to figure out how your own situation fits into the general examples. We can help.

Let us know whether you want our writers to create an entirely new memo or edit one of your existing memos.

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Graduate academic writing.

Since we wrote about it a couple of days ago, we have had a few questions from students about graduate academic writing. From those students it is clear that in some cases, students are not even sure what questions they want to ask. This usually means that people are too emotionally overwhelmed to formulate a question.

At the graduate level, academic writing usually has analysis embedded in it at every stage. Further, students should have a fairly developed understanding of the idiomatic language of their discipline. This means that graduate writing should reflect the fact while a given concept might be called one thing by philosophy majors, history majors would refer to the idea differently.

Each discipline has idiomatic language, in some cases that language has a long history, but in others, like business, it changes constantly. Whether you are in a field that likes to highlight their history or prefers to appear to always be new, you need a writer who understands what the expectations are.

If your school has a graduate writing center, consider going to them for assistance. If they do not have a graduate writing center or you are not able to use the service, online tutorials, like these from Yale, can be helpful.

If you are struggling, we can help. Developing your own graduate writing style can take time. In the meantime, you probably cannot afford poor grades or additional hours spent slowly developing papers for your classes while also trying to learn the basics of graduate writing.

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Our thesis writing service:

While there are all kinds of theses, in this case we are referring to degree theses for your major at the bachelor or master levels.

Nearly all students start the degree process thinking, “I want to write my thesis myself!” Of course, most students finish the process thinking the exact same thing. For others, their academic career may have unfolded much differently than imagined. Even more likely, their personal and professional lives were more complicated and difficult than expected.

For those students, pressures, especially financial and scheduling, make what once seemed like a great opportunity to immerse oneself in the research and writing you enjoy look more like a financial and emotional nightmare.

We can step in and help you at any time:

  • From the start with choosing a topic and writing a proposal
  • After you’ve chosen the topic but before you have started writing the paper
  • After you’ve started the paper but before you’ve finished
  • For editing before you hand it in
  • Incorporating edits from your advisor or committee
  • For rewriting if you’ve failed or had it sent back

Two of the biggest benefits of making the decision to buy a thesis online are the quality of the writing and the speed of our professional writings. Employing our thesis writing service means that you can receive your thesis a week or more before it is due and then have ample time to review it, meet with your advisors, and ensure that it goes through quickly and easily.

Of course, we can also help students who have gotten behind and need a hand pulling it together. If you have questions about whether we can help you, just ask!

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Capstone projects

While most disciplines refer to major degree projects as theses or dissertations, some schools and departments use the term capstone. Capstone writing is not, generally, any different from other upper level writing. Some schools or departments have specific requirements, and if you share them with us, we are happy to incorporate them.

For a busy student wrapping other end of term business and often conducting a job search at the same time, our capstone project writing service is a great buy. Capstone project writing is often time consuming and emotionally exhausting.

Though it can be interesting, unless you are planning to be an academic or researcher, capstone projects are often among the least educationally useful assignments for the average student. Learning is valuable for its own sake and we aren’t saying that capstones are useless. It’s just that for most jobs, writing a lengthy research article is not something that you will need to know how to do.

Our professional writers have written many capstones and theses. Their familiarity with the expectations of many prestigious colleges and universities enables them to work quickly and efficiently. While more time is always better, our writers can work far more quickly than typical students, saving you time and money by avoiding

  • additional term fees
  • missed work hours
  • other hassles

Let us help!

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