Why Writing an Admissions Essay is Like the Super Bowl

Answering the question “What should I write my college essay about?” is difficult unless you are a Seattle Seahawks fan in early 2015! Then, the answer is simple: Just write about the team’s amazing overtime victory in the playoffs or their incredible effort to repeat as world champions. Write about what the team means to you or watching them from training camp to the big day and what that teaches you about perseverance.

So how, exactly, is admission essay writing like football? At the beginning of training camp, it’s always hard to guess whether the team has what it takes to make it all the way to the big game. Admissions essay writing is the same in that it’s anybody’s guess what the admissions officers will be looking for this year and what other obstacles the process may reveal. At the beginning of the writing process, you may have no clue where you’ll end up.

But when you contact an admission essay writing service like Powerpapers.com, you get the equivalent of the returning champions with all their star players intact and the coach chomping at the bit to be back-to-back champions. You can never guarantee a team is going to create a dynasty, but a history of success is a good indicator of future success. We have a history of success. With writers with decades of collective admission essay writing experience, we are the Seahawks of today’s academic writing community. We’ve been to the big game and won. Now, they’re ready to help you get there again.

Writing your college essay about doesn’t have to be as risky as betting on the Super Bowl before the preseason is over. Choose a topic close to your heart and something that has made you a better person. Or, write about football. If you’re still at a loss for ideas, find a star player like us to help you make the big play.

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Getting through your dissertation with your peace of mind intact.

My favorite piece of writing on dissertations is this post by the writing center at UNC. It’s a favorite for a few reasons. It is very good advice, clearly presented, but it is also absurd as only real life can be absurd. That is two of my favorite things in one place.

 To write a great dissertation become the Avatar.

Figure 1: To write a great dissertation become the Avatar.

The absurd comes from the fact that much of the advice could be labeled “How to live a perfect life”. The advice is not wrong or incorrect, soul-searching and managing your advisor are big steps toward having a successful dissertation, a successful professional career, and a happy life. It is good to know what you want and how to manage other people’s limitations, but those are lifelong skills.

 master all four elements and the Avatar state

Figure 2: The new plan is the old plan, master all four elements and the Avatar state before the comet arrives.

In all sincerity, I would recommend that piece of writing to almost any student. While it is emotionally difficult to parse and many students will use it as an excuse to wallow more, that is not entirely the fault of the writing, is it?

Students I have advised often want to spend a lot of time explaining to me that they have “discovered” that dissertations are sometimes nothing but a bunch of administrative hoops to jump through. This is true, but it’s less news to me than it is to the student working on their first dissertation. It is part of your academic training, but it is at least as much about professional training for the industry.

Academics sometimes experience a period of professional naiveté rivaled only by professional artists. You are in a business because in capitalism, everything is a business, including spirituality and religion, as we know. Universities are not pure and never have been, they have always been interested in their own replication, and they are increasingly interested in profits as well. They reasonably need to know that you can and will participate in the maintenance of their mission.

Dissertation writing tips are helpful, but as you are balancing your actual career goals and personal life with the writing of your dissertation proposal or the dissertation proper, they start to mean very little if the practical aspects are not jibing. This is where the dissertation writing help provided by PowerPapers.com can come in handy.

We can’t cover your work shifts or pick your kids up from school, but we can help you move more quickly through the administrative and writing hoops that form much of the dissertation process.

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Homework help.

You can often find help with tutors and study groups, even editors, on campus but ghostwriters are much trickier to locate. Sometimes, a fellow student can help, but few of those students will keep a secret. Whether they are getting the word out because they want more clients or because they want to brag, the risk of word getting to the wrong people is significant.

Finding a homework help online can feel risky, but it is the best way to avoid gossip or a personal falling out with your homework helper. Our writers can provide homework help in a variety of ways, with editing, rewriting, research, and new writing among them. Those services can be applied to a variety of types of work. We work on research papers, PowerPoints, speeches, as well as things like outlines, study guides, and reviews.

We are a business dedicated to providing homework help to students today. We work with a diverse group of professional writers, whose years of experience enable them to work with both speed and accuracy. While you might be seeing a certain kind of assignment for the first time, rest assured our professional writers are likely already familiar with it.

What PowerPapers will need from you: the class subject and department and the instructions are the most vital information! The syllabus and access to readings are also very helpful to our writers, but we understand that is not always possible.

You don’t need to send us everything, of course. More information may be better, but just like a professor can assign so much reading that you can’t possible absorb it all, the same can happen here. The class subject and department are helpful because a research paper on Queen Victoria of England would be very different for a class on feminism in the philosophy department than it would be for a class on Anglo-Sino foreign relations in the history department.

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