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Many of our blog posts here at PowerPapers focus on undergraduate needs. That is simply the result of their being more of them than of dissertation students and the fact that their needs are usually more fundamental. PhD students, especially those writing dissertations, tend to have very specific needs, with a variety of caveats and exceptions that do not always suit a blog post. Rest assured, however, our dissertation writing services are among the best.

Our dissertation writers can provide help at every level of dissertation writing from the proposal to your final revision. Whether you need assistance with one phase, several phases, or every phase of your dissertation, we can assist you. Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

  • prospectus
  • research proposal
  • research and bibliography, including annotated bibliographies
  • first draft
  • rewriting
  • incorporate reader responses
  • final draft or final edit
  • written defense

For many PhD candidates, professional and personal demands tangle with the unprecedented amounts of paperwork associated with completing a dissertation and achieving a PhD. Many students who have already jumped through countless hurdles and written hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of research and other writing, find themselves at their wits’ ends.

One of the best things we give our clients is time. By hiring our writers or editors, our clients are able to devote more time to their other demands and to graduate more quickly, saving money as well.

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For the next nine months, someone is always having midterms or finals.

We try to acknowledge that by always mixing in a few posts about studying tips, time management updates, and studying techniques, because it is never too late to make an improvement.

It is important not to fall for “all or nothing” thinking. When counseling students, they often say that they were “doing great at first and then…” The problem here, and one that few people are willing to admit, is that students set themselves to be perfect and then could not maintain.

When I counsel students not to set up patterns or expectations that they cannot maintain, they insist that they are “perfectionists”. This would sound more realistic if they were not sitting in front of me in their pajamas and had not just told me that they are three weeks behind in their classes and have only eaten ramen for the last ten days.

Perfectionism sounds good, but you are either rigid, obsessive perfectionist or a regular person who is driving yourself crazy pretending to be a perfectionist. The best way to get help with midterms and finals is to help yourself by setting up a realistic schedule based on expectations that suit you and your life.

There is nothing special about wanting to be special, we all do it. Making reasonable expectations for your life is step one to success. You can either pretend that you can do things you cannot then fail at them, or you can set yourself up to succeed, which will become a foundation of growth.

We are not saying that you are to blame for everything, only that realistic expectations will help you and that whatever caused your troubles, it will be you who gets you out. We can help by creating study guides, model term papers, and doing other work. You can help by getting more sleep, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, and setting realistic standards that you can maintain for the entire term rather than for the first couple of weeks.

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Our resume writing services are among the best around. Our well-rounded writers have the practical and academic experience to provide excellent resumes in a variety of fields.

Some of the rules of resume writing are nearly universal, but many more are specific to the field in which you work. Even on the surface, the resume for someone looking for a teaching job in a high school will look nothing like the resume of someone applying for nursing position.

Not only are there differences between fields, but the resumes of recent graduates and those with ten years of experience will also look very different. In some disciplines, employers are only interested in the last five or ten years, in others, they will want to know everything you have done since graduating high school.

For many people, putting together a resume is something that they do once every two or three years, at most. Recent graduates may have never performed a professional job search! Those are things can make the already stressful process of job searching even more difficult.

For our professional resume writers, resume writing is commonplace. They are not overwhelmed by the organizational detail nor are they trying to balance the emotions that necessarily come with job searching.

If you already have your resume completed but are making sure that it is completely polished before sending it out, consider our resume editing services. We can take care of any formatting and grammar issues, and ensure that your resume is in top form before you send it out.

If you want to write your resume on your own, PowerPapers.com recommends this site as a great place to begin.

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Can someone on your team take my online class?

Probably not. Chances are that your school has a policy that does not allow you to have someone sit in on a class for you. However, we can help you throughout the entire class and provide whatever supportive services you need, including editing, study guides, model papers, and even custom model discussion posts and responses.

Some people think that online classes are easy, but the demands are usually high and often include a great deal of time commitment, as well as technological savvy in order to excel. Students often think that an online class will be a simple solution to their complicated schedules, only to find that they are still struggling to get everything done in time.

Online classes have their own systems for including attendance and participation in the final grade along with exams and papers. While the classes are often more flexible, they are not, in fact, less demanding. Whether students are managing a series of online class or a mix of meat space and online classes, along with their work and family responsibilities, it is easy for things to become overwhelming and for time to run out.

We can help you dig yourself out of the hole or help you make sure that you do not end up in the hole in the first place. Consider your goals and priorities. If you think that we can help, let us know!

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