Religion Paper Topics

Religion paper topics can be intimidating for some and mystifying to others. For some, they think of religion only in terms of faith or religious practices. Many people do not know much about religions other than the myths and stereotypes that pervade their own culture.

How To Write About Religion

It can be difficult to approach a religion paper academically especially since you have probably only ever considered religion in terms of your own religious beliefs. However, larger religions have long political, social, and economic histories, in addition to often massive historical changes in their ethics and philosophies.

100 Research Paper Topics

  1. Abrahamic Religions and the Renaissance Era
  2. Agnosticism
  3. Animism
  4. Atheism
  5. Baha’I
  6. Belief and Rationality
  7. Biblical Studies
  8. Buddhism
  9. Buddhist Sects
  10. Christian Creationism
  11. Christian Sects
  12. Comparative Religious Studies
  13. Conservative and Reform Judaisms
  14. Cosmology
  15. Cults and Religions
  16. Divinity
  17. Dravidian and Other Historic Religions Of India
  18. Early Islamic Philosophy
  19. Faith and Systems Of Belief
  20. Fetishism
  21. Folk Religions
  22. Hadith Studies
  23. Heresy
  24. Hinduism
  25. Historical Cults
  26. Islam and Orientalism
  27. Islamic Art
  28. Islamic Calligraphy
  29. Islamic Civilization
  30. Islamic Creationism
  31. Islamic Economics
  32. Islamic Ethics
  33. Islamic History
  34. Islamic Jurisprudence
  35. Islamic Law
  36. Islamic Metaphysics
  37. Islamic Philosophy
  38. Islamic Poetry
  39. Islamic Pottery
  40. Islamic Sciences
  41. Islamic Sects
  42. Islamic Studies
  43. Islamic Theology
  44. Jainism and Religions Of India
  45. Jewish Art
  46. Jewish Diaspora
  47. Jewish History
  48. Jewish Studies
  49. Jewish Thought
  50. Jewish Women’S Studies
  51. Jewry
  52. Jews and Judaism
  53. Judaic Sects
  54. Judaic Studies
  55. Judeo-Islamic Philosophies
  56. Kabbalah and Jewish Philosophy
  57. Law and Religion
  58. Magic and Religion
  59. Medieval Islam
  60. Medieval Jewish Studies
  61. Middle East Studies
  62. Modern Cults
  63. Modern Islamic Philosophy
  64. Modern Jewish Studies
  65. Muslim Music
  66. Mysticism and Abrahamic Religions
  67. Nature and Religion
  68. New Testament Studies
  69. Norse Religions
  70. Old Testament Studies
  71. Pantheism
  72. Psychology Of Religion
  73. Quran Studies
  74. Rabbinic Literature
  75. Rastafarianism
  76. Reincarnation
  77. Religion and African American Histories
  78. Religion and Neuroscience
  79. Religion and Philosophy
  80. Religions and the Afterlife
  81. Religions Of North American Indians
  82. Religions Of Pre-Columbian America
  83. Religious Behaviors
  84. Religious Obligation
  85. Sacred Texts
  86. Shamanism
  87. Shinto
  88. Sikhism
  89. Sociology Of Religion
  90. Spirituality
  91. Syncretism
  92. Talmud and Midrash Studies
  93. The Hebrew Bible
  94. The Old Testament and Modern Life
  95. The Secular Study Of Religious Belief
  96. Torah Studies
  97. Totemism
  98. Veneration Of the Dead
  99. Wicca
  100. Yeshiva

You Have Options

You can do several things to help yourself if you having trouble with religion paper topics.

  • Separate Yourself From Your Topic

    One option is to choose topics related to religions you know little about and do not have strong preconceptions about. If you cannot separate your feelings and experiences with specific religions from the facts, this is a good option.

    If you want to write about a religion to explain that it is the perfect one or the worst one, it is time to pick a different topic. Your grader reads countless poorly conceived and poorly written religious rants. Set yourself apart by writing a true research paper or essay, rather than a screed.

    It is perfectly OK to have strong feelings about your own faith. If you find that you cannot think about it practically, however, it might be a good idea to put off religion classes until you can or outsource the work that you cannot delay. Good academic writing means that you have to be honest about what groups and people have actually done. If that is too painful, it is OK, but it does not make for good writing

  • A New Look at Something Close to Your Feart

    If you think that you can talk about something closer to home, it can be a fun and interesting exercise to look at some of the flaws in the things that matter to you.

    Large religious organizations often demand that the government keep a distance from their day to day functioning. At the same time, they were and are often doing a great deal to exert influence on political processes and legal standards in the countries where their members live.

    Whether you agree or disagree with this, there are a host of interesting challenges for a young writer to engage in, both in the present day and throughout history. Marriage is not a contention between citizens, the state, and churches, only in contemporary times. The conflict is centuries old. The three have also argued over capitalism, wealth distribution, and the private and public lives of women, for centuries as well.

  • Outsourcing The Work

    Sometimes, there is nothing to do but outsource the work to a third party. Whether you are too busy with other classes, work, family, and more, or if you simply are not ready to engage religious topics academically, we can help.

See more great research paper topics by discipline.

Economics Paper Topics

Economics paper topics have a great deal more variety than outsiders realize. There are the nuts of bolts of economics, whether for a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree, of course. In addition to those, however, many people studying public policy, including social welfare, city architecture, and other types of what is sometimes referred to as city planning, often find that they are expected, or even required, to have a background in finance. For some this is an exciting diversion, for others

For first and second year students, or students who are taking a few supportive economics courses, economics paper topics are usually strictly defined. Whether by the nature of the class or because a teacher has carefully defined the subject in advance, paper topics are rarely surprising.

Even at the basic level, but especially in more advanced courses or in cross listed courses, the subject of economics papers can include examining labor output (including at the intersection of human resources management), raw materials in manufacturing, natural resources, and even simply land.

That is not the end though, banking, investment, political consulting, manufacturing, government, transportation, and nonprofits, are just a handful of the areas of concentration, or even graduate degrees, that one can study within economics or in conjunction with economics.

Economics as a major

Unlike the uncertain future faced by the flood of business school graduates, the career outlook for economics majors is very stable. The impression that some have of economics as a stuffy or limited mathematical arena is a mistaken one. In addition to all the areas we have mentioned, it is possible to focus on areas like economic theory or history, development and planning, health care, and much more in addition to the traditional statistical economics.

With all that variety, however, comes the risk that students will find themselves in a class facing an assignment that is too much for them. If you are overwhelmed by a task, either because of the time it would require or because it is simply not something you have ever needed to study, PowerPapers can help.

Topics for a Research Paper in Economics

Organizational, financial, labor, international, and public finance economists, along with macroeconomists, are just some of the careers that a hopeful student might be considering when looking for topics for a research paper. Because business journalism is growing along with business in general, more and more journalism and communications majors find themselves interested in business and economics courses. Here are some more ideas:

  1. Aggregate demand
  2. Applied economics
  3. Applied economics and public policy
  4. Austrian School
  5. Behavior of economic agents
  6. Behavioral economics
  7. Biophysical economics
  8. Bubble and bust economics
  9. Budgets
  10. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  11. Business cycle recession
  12. Capabilities approach
  13. Chicago school of economics
  14. Classical economics
  15. Comparative advantage
  16. Constitutional economics
  17. Cyclical economics
  18. Demand side economics
  19. Dependency theory
  20. Depressions and recessions
  21. Division of labor
  22. Ecological economics
  23. Economic colonialism
  24. Economic efficiency
  25. Economic imperialism
  26. Economic underclasses
  27. Economic unions
  28. Economics and systemic oppression
  29. Economics of capitalism
  30. Economics of communism
  31. Economics of education
  32. Economics of fascism
  33. Economics of governments
  34. Economics of religion
  35. Economics of socialism
  36. Economics of war
  37. Econophysics
  38. Elasticity
  39. Employment, unemployment, and economics
  40. Ethics and economics
  41. Evolutionary economics
  42. Feminist economics
  43. Free markets and aggregates
  44. Freiberg School
  45. Frictional unemployment
  46. Full employment
  47. Gains from trade
  48. General equilibrium theories
  49. Government regulation
  50. Health care economics
  51. Heterodox economics
  52. Hidden unemployment
  53. Household economics
  54. Indigenous economics of North America
  55. Individuals in economic systems
  56. Keynesian economics
  57. Keynesian shocks
  58. Labor and capital
  59. Labor and land
  60. Labor force participation rates
  61. Labor theory of value
  62. Long term unemployment
  63. Macroeconomics
  64. Mainstream economics
  65. Marginalist theory
  66. Marilyn Waring
  67. Market equilibrium
  68. Market structures
  69. Markets
  70. Marxian economic theories
  71. Microeconomics
  72. Monetarism
  73. Monopolistic competition
  74. Monopoly and monopsony
  75. New classical economics
  76. Normative economics
  77. Occupational segregation
  78. Oligopoly and oligopsony
  79. Orthodox economics
  80. Partial equilibrium analysis
  81. Planned economies
  82. Political economics
  83. Positive economics
  84. Post-Keynesian economics
  85. Production theory
  86. Production-possibility frontiers (PPF)
  87. Public policy
  88. Rational choice modeling
  89. Rational economics
  90. Scarcity
  91. School of Lausanne
  92. Socioeconomics
  93. Stockholm school
  94. Structural economics
  95. Structural unemployment
  96. Supply and demand
  97. Supply side economics
  98. Theory surplus value
  99. Unemployment ratio
  100. World systems theory

If you are looking for research topics or research papers in any of these areas, we are happy to help. See more great research paper topics!

Business Paper Topics

Research shows us that business administration and management remains the number one major in U.S. colleges and universities. It is no surprise that business majors are among our most popular clients. That means that business paper topics are among the most common topics for our research papers.

Whether you are writing a management report or strategic analysis, we can help. Business and management students often find themselves asked to write the same or similar papers over and over. This is even more frustrating when you have other classes with more serious demands, whether due to reading, papers, or exams. Writing your tenth SWOT analysis hardly seems worth giving up the time you need to study for a 300-level finance exam!

Many business students are returning students. You might be getting your degree in order to open up more advancement opportunities. However, if you have been working and even doing some level management work, you do not need to spend time writing about basic business practices.

Integrated marketing might be interesting to some, but if you know your line of work will not include it or you have already been doing it for 10 years, it might not be the best use of time.

Topics for Research Papers

Subjects like psychology and the workplace or personality and management, are a great way to explore some of the ways that business and management intersect with other disciplines. Some of you might be psychology majors, adding some breadth to your understanding of your field.

For traditional business majors, it is not just psychology that can offer some variety to the same old papers. Sociology also intersects with business in research paper topics like organizational change and organizational culture. Here are some more ideas for you:

  1. Agribusiness
  2. Agricultural business
  3. Banking
  4. Barter systems
  5. Bilateral trade
  6. Boards of Directors
  7. Business and taxation
  8. Business as colonization
  9. Business ethics
  10. Business in non-capitalist economies
  11. Business process management
  12. Businesses and nations
  13. Buying
  14. Capitalist economies
  15. Central American Free Trade Agreement
  16. Coincidence of wants
  17. Commercial law
  18. Commercial law
  19. Commodity money
  20. Consumer cooperatives
  21. Consumer goods
  22. Consumers
  23. Consumers
  24. Cooperatives and Co-ops
  25. Corporations
  26. Corporations and legal personality
  27. Countries and sectors
  28. Credit and non-physical money
  29. Disclosure and compliance requirements
  30. Discrimination in the work place
  31. Doing more and getting less: Women in the workplace
  32. Earning
  33. Economic democracy
  34. Embargos, sanctions, and boycotts
  35. Employee relations
  36. Enterprise
  37. Financial businesses
  38. Financial management
  39. Franchising
  40. General partnerships
  41. Good and services
  42. History of capitalism
  43. History of money
  44. Human resource management
  45. Human resources
  46. Information technology management
  47. Intellectual property
  48. International trade
  49. Investment
  50. Labor economics
  51. Limited liability partnerships
  52. Limited partnerships
  53. Management
  54. Manufacturing
  55. Market sector
  56. Marketing management
  57. Mass production
  58. Minority owned businesses
  59. Most favored nations
  60. NAFTA
  61. Nonprofit business
  62. Operation of businesses
  63. Operations management
  64. Outsourcing
  65. Partnerships
  66. PESTLE analysis
  67. Pre-Columbian economies
  68. Privately held corporations
  69. Production management
  70. Profit and ethics
  71. Protectionism
  72. Publicly held corporations
  73. Raw materials
  74. Real estate
  75. Real property
  76. Retail fixtures
  77. Retailers and distributors
  78. Selling
  79. Service businesses
  80. Service management
  81. Shareholders
  82. Small business
  83. Sole proprietorship
  84. Stakeholders
  85. State owned enterprises
  86. Stock exchange
  87. Strategic management
  88. SWAT analysis
  89. Tangible goods
  90. Tax advantages
  91. The European Union
  92. The invention of money
  93. Theory of the firm
  94. Trade agreements
  95. Trade unions
  96. Utilities
  97. Woman owned businesses
  98. Worker cooperatives
  99. Worker protections and safety
  100. WTO

Whether you are looking for someone to take work on for you or with help refining a topic into something more interesting, we can help. See more great research paper topics, some by educational level.

Help with timed tests: A little different

Sometimes people need help and they aren’t just working with a deadline, but with a timed test. Yes, we can help. And yes, the situation is a little different from a typical order. It is different because you will need to email us or fill out the contact form before you order a timed test.

Help with timed writing

Needing help with timed writing projects, including assignments, is pretty common. It is particularly common for students with anxiety issues or reading disabilities.

While the ADA requires accommodations be provided, in reality, schools, teachers, professors, and other students are often hostile to actually providing those accommodations. Further, students have to be willing to share personal information, which often requires a high level of trust in people one does not know can be trusted until it is too late.

In any case, most students find that all ADA really does is allow them to put in a lot of effort to make their own accommodations. It is no surprise that many choose a ghostwriter or academic writer as their accommodation.

Even without a mental health issue, reading disability, or an illness, many people find timed tests overwhelming. They are not relevant to everyday life or job performance, but still your career can depend upon them. For many people, it is too much to put themselves through.

Help with a timed math test

Issues that lead to needing help with timed math tests are no different. Most of us have to have our work done by a specific time, but something about the paired image of a stopwatch and an exam does a lot of people in.

What to do if you want to help

Gather all of the information you have together and send it to us in a single email. This should include the department, the class, and the list of texts to which the exam will refer. Be sure to include the date and time window (and your time zone!) of the exam.

At that point, we will confirm a writer for the project. Once we have confirmed a writer, we will let you know and you can make payment! It is as easy as that.



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