College nightmare season!

Some may wonder why you are obsessed with scary, creepy, or otherwise unpleasant television, but we here at central are with you. Watching people melting, being mummified, or enduring other supernatural horrors is a nice break from the thinking too much about how much midterms and finals suck.

Sure, you have to read 200+ pages and write another 15+ as of the day before yesterday, but at least you are not being shanked by a supernatural reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. If Ichabod and Abbie are finding love among those ruins, then you can probably hold it together and get through another paper or three.

Just like Team Witness uses outside help, so can you. is here to help pick up the slack or to help you weave a new rope after yours broke. By outsourcing a writing project, speech, or presentation to us, you free up time to do the reading and studying necessary for exams, to sleep, or to work.

Whether you need to you need us to take on something big or to pick up some of the small pieces, we can help. Work, family, even things like taking the time to eat right and squeeze in a workout, can seem or even be impossible during this point in the school year. Sometimes, taking care of yourself is more important than writing four more replies to your fellow students’ comments on the Jacksonian model of government.

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