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Could I become an academic writer?

There are some traits that a good academic writer needs to have. You need to be self-motivated, because no one is going to check up on your work pace and keep you going. You need to be organized, because you will often have more than one assignment due each day. You need to be able to clear away mental clutter in order to focus on the core each essay, even as you change from subject to subject over the course of a day. You need to be a good written communicator, not just in academic writing, but also via email with your clients and various freelance coordinators. Read More »

Dictating Academic Writing

All that has changed with Smartphones and better transcription technologies. Not every service today will deliver accurate and fast text but, at long last, it is fair to say that some will. Today it is possible to dictate into a Smartphone and receive super accurate academic writing, super fast. Although the best of these academic writing services are still for the most part in beta stage, students can look forward to doing away with laborious note taking and writing in the very near future. Read More »

Grading Academic Writing

When grading academic writing there are a number of things a professor will consistently look for apart from the fundamentals of spelling and grammar. Writing interesting content is great but even if you can’t or don’t, follow the steps below to cover your bases and your academic writing will certainly gain a pass. Read More »

Internet Sources

Up until fairly recently many courses, schools and educators wouldn’t allow use of internet sources at all. Some professors continue to believe that the internet lacks credibility but pundits claim the internet as an encyclopaedia, is at least as accurate as Britannica! Read More »

How to Write a Literature Review: Lesson Two

Once the student and their professional writer have completed the first stages of the literature review, the task of in-depth analysis begins. For college and university students to fully develop a literature review, academic writing companies offer custom essays to assist with the process. In order to fulfill the class curriculum requirements in upper level college courses and pass the committee reviews for Master’s Degrees and Doctorate Degrees, the format must adhere to standard practices. Working with a professional writer provided by a reputable academic writing company will assure that these requirements are met. Read More »

Why Students Order a Custom Written Essay

Students who buy a model paper are benefiting from the expertise and academic advice of professional writers. These professionals are providing a service to individuals who might not otherwise be able to negotiate the demands of higher learning simply because they fluently speak another language. Read More »

How to Purchase a Model Paper

Most students who seek the academic assistance of a professional writing company need to purchase a model paper in order to guide them through the writing process. The services of a professional writer are comparable to the services of a tutor for students that choose to buy a custom written essay. Read More »

How to Choose an Excellent Academic Writing Company

If you are a student who is in need of a good academic model paper to assist you with a class, you will most likely turn to the Internet to search for paper writing companies. When you do so, you will be faced with the classic double-sided coin: you will have thousands of choices to wade through – and you will have thousands of choices to wade through! How on earth can you choose? Read More »

Labor Day Weekend: Last Blow-out or Work Weekend?

Being a college student need not be drudgery all the time. You can always buy a model paper when you need one to assist you through particularly rough patches -- or, for that matter, particularly fun patches when you would rather be with your friends and family than all alone at your desk. Read More »

Now is the Time to Get a Handle on your Classes!

If you are like tens of thousands of other college students, you went back to (or started) school yesterday. Because yesterday was a Monday, that means that you probably received at least three, possibly more, syllabi for new classes. The best thing for you to do right now is to sit down with paper and a pen, take out your syllabi, and start the review process. Read More »

Why Do I Have to Learn How to Write When I Want to be an Engineer?

Using a model term paper also allows a student to focus upon those subjects that make the most sense to him or her given what s/he plans to do in the future. Yes, it is important to know how to write well, but, for many professionals, it is more important to know how to draw a blueprint for a bridge using computer-aided drafting software, or how to draw blood from a patient for a critical test. Read More »

Fall Semester Begins August 24, 2009 for Many Students!

Today marks the last day of summer vacation for hundreds of thousands of college students. While many will not return for another week or so, plenty of institutions around the country (and world, for that matter), get their students started early. Tomorrow is the first official day of class for those students! Read More »

Long time no see!

Jon and I took a couple of days off to enjoy the last few days of quiet in this mid-August calm spell. Yet even from our blankets on the beach, we still couldn't keep away from the topic of academic writing and research. Read More »

What should I major in?

Now, it's true for sure that many folks go into college from the beginning knowing exactly what they want and how to get there. But for many other students, college opens unanticipated doors and opportunities. Read More »

We're Having a Heat Wave

While there are still pools to swim in and outdoor parties to attend, prepare for school another way also. Make a list of probable challenges you will face in your different classes. By making a list, you can alleviate some of the anxiety you are surely already feeling about these things and more completely enjoy the rest of the summer. Read More »

Writing Academic Papers is Like Gardening

I was gardening today, weeding around the seedlings and thinking about writing papers, and realizing the similarities. When you write a paper, the first steps are like tending a garden. Read More »

It's Not Just About Term Papers

Referring to what we do as "writing term papers" would be like referring to nurses as "the ones who bring the bedpans" when we all know they do so much more than that. Read More »

How to Choose a Good Academic Custom Term Paper Company

You might want to start now to think about who you will go to if you need some help with a model paper, case study, lab report, or other academic assignment. You don't want to be scrambling 12 hours before your paper is due to find a place that's reputable. That's exactly when you will get taken for a ride, and you'll not only lose a ton of money but you'll get a crappy product. I'm not trying to scare you, just trying to make sure it's clear why it's important to be prepared for this situation ahead of time. Read More »

Why You Should Not Skimp on the Education Part of your College Education

By focusing upon getting that excellent college education, and by using all of the tools at your disposal to make the most of your college years, including tutoring services and academic writing services when necessary, you will position yourself ahead of the pack once you hit the resume circuit. And that's what it's all about. Read More »

Distance Learning (Online Classes)

Distance learning has been here for awhile, but now that the Internet is in everyone's living room, it's really taken off, gotten very sophisticated, and very accessible, and people are taking notice. This is why we focus on distance learning of all kinds, especially online classes, at PowerPapers. Read More »

Why It's Fine that Writing Matters More to Some than to Others

Everyone from art majors to engineers is expected to be able to write everything from a term paper to a dissertation. What gives? Are literature majors expected to program a computer before they are allowed to graduate? I don't think so. Read More »

Introducing the PowerPapers Blog!

Welcome to's very own blog! This is the place to get tips on all sorts of issues related to academic writing and research, academic writers, researchers, and clients, and academia in general. Jon here, and I'm thrilled to be part of this blog! Soon you'll meet Kate, my partner in crime, who'll be sharing this space with me. Read More »


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