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Proofreading Your Work, Part 2

Don’t overcomplicate the process. Read More »

A Guide to Revising and Editing - 10 Tips on How to Revise a Paper or Essay

Editing and rewriting are skill sets that need to be developed. Read More »

I need help rewriting a paper.

For those of you wondering what rewriting services are, let me fill you in! Read More »


The staff in our speech services department has written for students, politicians, ministers, and beauty pageant contestants, among others. Read More »

I think I need rewriting services, but I’m not sure.

Rewriting is a type of revision that is more extensive and thorough than editing. Read More »

Essay editing service.

Whether you need editing services because you have a picky professor or boss, because writing isn’t your forte, or because English isn’t your first language, we can help! Read More »

Our dissertation writing services.

Unlike PhD students, our writers have written multiple successful dissertations. Read More »

Our speech writers.

Like any good academic writing company, we have people of capable of writing excellent speeches on a host of subjects! Read More »

Professional resume writers.

Do you have the training and experience, but you aren’t getting called in for interviews? Read More »

Accepting and incorporating feedback

Feedback is rarely the travesty it feels like in the first minutes or hours after reading it. Read More »

Building Your Extroverted Internal Editor

Editing your own work is difficult for a variety of reasons, but the biggest hurdle for many students is the fact that because they know what they meant to say, they believe that is what they did say. In order to learn to see the words on the page as they actually exist, you need to practice. Read More »
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The Most Common Student Writing Mistakes

The staff of PowerPapers are not only skilled writers, but many are also professional editors. More commonly known as grammar nerds, these individuals are familiar with the most common errors and can get your paper polished and perfected in (almost) no time! Read More »

Top 5 Mistakes in APA Formatting

APA formatting has a number of pitfalls. Learn to avoid common mistakes to improve the clarity of your writing. If you’re having trouble writing (or editing) your work to comply with APA standards, let us help! Allow our writers to polish your draft with a customized edit for formatting errors. Our writers are highly trained in several formatting styles. Read More »

5 Second Rule for Term Papers

You’ve probably heard of the 5-second rule for a piece of food that hits the ground. The suspicion contends that food won’t be fully contaminated by bacteria if it’s retrieved from the ground quickly. Writing is very much like that unfortunately dropped food. If its message isn’t clear within 5 seconds, the entire piece is more likely to be left on the ground or worse-thrown out! The opening, or abstract, of writing should make its point and capture the attention of readers within the first few seconds after it's read. Read More »

Is It Editing or Revising?

Knowing whether your term paper simply needs editing or if it needs a full revision can be tricky. To figure it out, start by asking yourself, "If I turned this in right now, would the professor say that it was sloppy or would he say that I missed the point?" If you missed the point, you need to think revision, not editing. Read More »

Dictating Academic Writing

All that has changed with Smartphones and better transcription technologies. Not every service today will deliver accurate and fast text but, at long last, it is fair to say that some will. Today it is possible to dictate into a Smartphone and receive super accurate academic writing, super fast. Although the best of these academic writing services are still for the most part in beta stage, students can look forward to doing away with laborious note taking and writing in the very near future. Read More »

Grading Academic Writing

When grading academic writing there are a number of things a professor will consistently look for apart from the fundamentals of spelling and grammar. Writing interesting content is great but even if you can’t or don’t, follow the steps below to cover your bases and your academic writing will certainly gain a pass. Read More »

Proofreading: Wout it Your Puck’d!

Seriously, proofreading is a no brainer. Often correct spelling, grammar and syntax will be worth around 10% of a grade and sometimes as much as 20%. That’s easy credit and the reverse is apparent. If you don’t proofread, or have someone else proofread, your work then you risk the downgrade of what might otherwise be an outstanding paper. On the other hand if written content is not your strength the question is; can you afford to skip proofreading? Read More »

Hiring an Editor

For many writers of academic (or other) copy hiring an editor is a no-brainer. While some writers require a quick grammatical review others require more substantive editing. In either case the use of an editor is considered acceptable and even commendable, in academic circles especially. Read More »

Computerized Online Grading Critique

Online writing and editing services are a great development but like everything there is good and bad. Don’t even consider giving your business to anyone who doesn’t hire first language English, degree graduates with whom you can engage throughout the project. If there are no humans involved in the process at all, don’t think twice, head for the hills. Read More »

Writing a Research Paper

When you begin to write your paper don’t worry about flow, spelling or grammar. These can be corrected later and it is much easier to develop an idea and steady thought process if you are not stopping to worry about these details. Just begin typing and let your mind go, jotting down everything you can think of regarding the subject, the content, arguments and counter arguments. Read More »

How to Edit

Get stuck when it comes time to edit your own work? It’s not surprising. Often deadlines are such that it is impossible to set work aside for a period of time and return to it with ‘fresh eyes’. Read More »


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