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How to Write Exceptional College Admissions Essays

The selection of the right place to learn is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Make a list of your accomplishments and what you’d like to include in an admissions essay. Work with one of the skilled writers at Power Papers to create a letter that makes a strong case for the asset you’d be to the learning institution of your choice. Our writers can help highlight your accomplishments while still responding to those sometimes vague and even odd admissions essay prompts. We recognize the importance of this task and have been entrusted by countless other students to support their writing process. Read More »

5 Strategies to Help Prepare for Essay Exams

With the holidays, comes the exam seasons. Students everywhere are cracking their textbooks in preparation for their exams. Finals vary from course to course and professor to professor. Students are often most familiar with multiple choice format exams. The answer is right before your very eyes and it’s simply up to you to select the correct response. Essay exams are entirely different. The very mention of an essay or even short answer final can send chills down the spines of students. On these exams, the answers are NO WHERE to be seen on the exam. Question prompts can be brief, vague, and even confusing. Consider these five strategies to ensure you succeed on your essay exams this finals season: Read More »
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Types of Essays: Writing a Five-Paragraph Essay

Writing a five-paragraph essay is pretty easy once you know the template. Read More »

What Should Be Included in an Application Essay

Early deadlines for college admissions for next fall are already starting to show up on the calendar, so now's the time to write and polish that application essay. Of course, the problem is that the guidelines for most applications are vague and tell you nothing about what you should write. In the end, the best advice, is to be yourself, only better. Read More »

Make Your Personal Essay Stand Out

The truth is that once you learn how to write a personal essay, no assignment given is likely to be easier. After all, your writing about yourself. You can't get that wrong, can you? This is the chance to write what you think and why you think it. The key to doing it right is to use solid examples of why you think the way you do. Read More »

Perfecting the Personal Essay

The true art of a personal essay is capturing something special about yourself and then communicating it to everyone who reads the piece. It's definitely a lot harder than the initial assignment ever seems to be. Read More »

7 Tips for How to Write Research Papers

Pick a topic that is fun and interesting. Give yourself plenty of time to read and think about what you would like to do. Trying to answer questions about a particular subject may lead you to a good paper idea.

What subject(s) are you interested in?
What interests you most about a particular subject?
Is there anything you wonder about or are puzzled about with regard to that subject? Read More »

College Essay Tips

Yes, the college essay is a step up from high school and yes, it can be stressful but like most things it isn’t as hard once you come out the other end as you undoubtedly thought it would be going in. Three pieces of advice will help you to go from high school level essays to proficient college essay writing. Read More »

The Comparison Essay

Sounds easy right! Write a comparison essay by comparing two or more things, simple. Not so simple. There is more to the comparison essay than just showing how and why this is different from that. The writer must explain the differences thoroughly and prove his or her argument with hard data and references. Read More »

Top 5 Essay Topics in Science

Choosing an essay topic is never easy and for the scientific brain amenable to numbers and symbols, getting creative with essay topics may prove to be double the challenge squared. Sometimes, it does help to look at what others are writing to get some ideas so here are the top 5 essay topics in science. Read More »

What to Write an Essay On?

Deciding what topic to write an essay on may be the hardest part of the job. When deciding what to write an essay on consider that you want it to be interesting, but that you don’t want to get yourself too deeply engrossed in a project that could turn out to be impossible. Some topics just do not have enough resources in terms of sourcing material and providing an original perspective. Read More »

Definition of Essay

While on first sight the definition of the term essay seems fairly obvious and self-explanatory, once a student reaches tertiary level education the term can actually become quite confusing. At this level there are multiple uses of the term essay and each type carries a differing set of expectations. By far the greatest difference between different types of essays is the type of prose and presentation the teacher or professor will be looking for in the content. By style, we mean of course, the tone of the prose. Read More »

Descriptive Essay

Finely formed words that illuminate and inform are the foundation of the delightful descriptive essay. Seriously, that is a bit over the top but it is true that the descriptive essay wants more creative prose than other kinds of essays. The nature of the descriptive essay lends itself to essays about experience or case study rather than pure fact. As such successful descriptive essays frequently center on themes of personal drama or growth or a cathartic event. Read More »

The Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is so called precisely because it expects the student to be argumentative. To present a point or points and to argue that they are true. An argumentative essay must present other sides of the argument as well but only to aid the argument being put forth by the student by refuting the opposing points. An argumentative essay can actually be a lot of fun to write. Especially if you are the type of person who loves debate and banter. Read More »

Make Money - Sell your Books!

If you’re not interested in selling your personal substances and you still need your books for a few more months there are a million different ways for computer savvy students to make some extra dosh online. Read More »

Ergonomic Study Gear

Students, particularly those writing dissertations or other major papers spend long hours in a chair in front of a computer typing. If this is you, no-one has to tell you those creepy old ailments you shouldn’t be feeling for another 50 years can become common. Wrist and hand pain, a sore aching back and sore eyes are all likely after hours in front of a PC or on the laptop. Read More »

10 Easy Tips to Help You Get a College Scholarship

Searching for and filing information requests for college scholarships takes a lot of time and effort. Many students feel frustrated with the slow pace at which this endeavor seems to occur. However, it is important to realize that every dollar of your college education that is funded by scholarship money is a dollar that will not have to be repaid with interest!

Additionally, the “seek and find” required is only the beginning. The real effort comes with a preparation of the college scholarship essay. Filling out the blanks and checkboxes is not as crucial as preparing the custom written essays required by every single scholarship application. The following ten tips will assist you with the process. Read More »

10 Easy Tips to Help You Write a College Essay

College and university students are required to write essays for almost all of their classes during their academic studies. This can be one of the most stressful experiences for students who are not sure how to compose an essay. For those who purchase an essay, the 10 easy tips below show the general process their writer will use to compose their model custom written essay: Read More »

How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

High school and college students as well as professional writers alike should develop specific skills in how to write an introductory paragraph. Many think this is merely the beginning of a research paper or essay; the first words on the page. In fact, the proper execution of an introductory paragraph requires much more that this! Most students would be completely surprised to find out that the writing of an introductory paragraph for a model essay or custom research paper is the LAST task to complete! Read More »

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Most students are familiar with a bibliography but fewer know how to write an annotated bibliography. Those who buy the services offered by an academic writing company will learn the distinction between the two. A traditional bibliography is the list of references found at the end of a term paper, essay or research paper. These are the sources the writer used to formulate ideas, theories, and data for the thesis of the academic paper,and this is what is sent to clients when they purchase term papers. Depending on the requirements of the course, several different formats may be required for the standard bibliography including APA, MLA, or Harvard style formatting. These specifics will determine how the professional writers and students present the information. In an annotated bibliography, however, the student will apply thoughtful details to the list of references. Each annotation is actually a descriptive and evaluative comment about the source which was used for the research paper or essay. Read More »

How to Write a Personal Essay

The purpose of a personal essay is to provide information about a given candidate in competition for enrollment or assistance. Many students who do not know how to write a personal essay make the mistake of simply recounting the information contained on their resume or curriculum vitae. Those who do know how to write a personal essay realize that this is the cardinal mistake made by most applicants! A personal essay is much more than the facts and events of an applicant’s life. When correctly written by a professional writer, a model personal essay will capture the essence of the individual while tying goals and ambitions to the program offerings. Those who know how to write an award-winning personal essay realize that this is often the one chance to make a lasting impression on the selection committee in charge of reviewing what are often hundreds of candidates. Read More »

How to Write a Reflective Essay

Most students are familiar with the school requirement that they write a reflective essay. Often the first experience with this type of literary writing occurs in the early years of school with the teacher assigning a “what I did last summer” writing project. While most students simply write what would be considered an informative essay, other students use this opportunity to demonstrate their skills at how to write a reflective essay. What makes the latter type of essay unique is that it becomes more than the events relayed in the story. Students who know how to write a reflective essay will transform plot, characters, and setting into meaningful representations or symbols of larger life lessons. Read More »

How to Purchase a Model Paper

Most students who seek the academic assistance of a professional writing company need to purchase a model paper in order to guide them through the writing process. The services of a professional writer are comparable to the services of a tutor for students that choose to buy a custom written essay. Read More »

How to Write a Thesis Statement: Lessons Two and Three

At the college and university levels students are often required to form their own thesis statement for research papers and essays. This process can be defined in several steps that will result in a quality concept related to the subject matter covered in class. Read More »

How to Write a Thesis Statement: Lesson One

Regardless of the subject matter assigned, every topic can be reduced to a single question and the resulting answers. Read More »

How to Write an Essay: Lesson Two

The second main focus students and professional writers use in demonstrating how to write an essay is the development of the body. Read More »
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How to Write an Essay: Lesson One

Throughout the educational process students are required to compose essays. This type of writing assignment is not limited to English classes. Therefore, students in all academic subject areas should learn the basic tools of how to write an essay. Read More »
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Don't Fear the Book Report!

As we make our way through life, education continues, including those pesky academic book reports. If we are fortunate enough to have all the opportunities an education can offer, then we will be expected to gather our thoughts and express them in a coherent fashion. Unfortunately, some students struggle with the expression of the written word, and so these essays cause great anxiety. Read More »

Writing a Speech is Not an Easy Thing to Do

Speeches can be far more difficult to write than essays, if only because you have to capture and hold your audience's attention with a speech, whereas with an essay, you usually only have one person reading it (your professor). Read More »
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Fall Semester Begins August 24, 2009 for Many Students!

Today marks the last day of summer vacation for hundreds of thousands of college students. While many will not return for another week or so, plenty of institutions around the country (and world, for that matter), get their students started early. Tomorrow is the first official day of class for those students! Read More »

Admissions Essays: Your Ticket to College

Gaining entrance to college is a very complicated undertaking. Too often, though, applicants do not appreciate the intricacies of the task, leaving many things until the last minute. The admissions essay is one of those things. Read More »

More on Journal Entries and Reflections

Finally, you can use your journals as a sort of treasure trove from which you can pick out ideas for research papers and term papers, even essays. You'll be amazed what you've written down over the course of the semester when you flip back through the pages in search of topics for papers. So, you can choose one (or four) and write as many papers as you need, and this way, you know your topics are ones you like. Read More »

Why Outlines are your Best Friends

While it can be boring, and yes, definitely tedious at times, the reality is that making an effective outline is your best use of time because of how much time it will save you in the long run. Read More »

We're Having a Heat Wave

While there are still pools to swim in and outdoor parties to attend, prepare for school another way also. Make a list of probable challenges you will face in your different classes. By making a list, you can alleviate some of the anxiety you are surely already feeling about these things and more completely enjoy the rest of the summer. Read More »

It's Not Just About Term Papers

Referring to what we do as "writing term papers" would be like referring to nurses as "the ones who bring the bedpans" when we all know they do so much more than that. Read More »

It's Time to Start Preparing for College!

We aren't even out of July yet and I'm telling you to get ready for college. Why? Because it's time to prepare! This is especially true for you first-year college students out there. You need to get ready for what will be one of the most life-changing experiences of your life: COLLEGE. Read More »


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