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How to Use a Custom College Essay Writing Service

As Uncle Iroh says, “power and perfection are overrated”. Read More »

Preparing for your second term in college: A winter term checklist. Part 2.

Like with work, planning vacations helps you avoid excessive sick days. Read More »

Preparing for your second term in college: A winter term checklist. Part 1.

Starting a new term the second time calls for a checklist that is a bit more sophisticated, like you! Read More »

Shopping and working online? Sounds scary.

Whether you are looking to buy essays online or are looking for writing jobs online, come join us on the sunny side! Read More »

How can I purchase term papers?

If you want to purchase term papers from us, don’t worry, it is very simple and straightforward. Read More »

Buy essays online.

The ordering process is quite simple. Read More »

I need help with a problem solution essay.

Many students love to write this type of paper but are disappointed in the grades they receive. Read More »

Essay writers.

Many people wonder what kind of people become academic essay writers. The answer is: all kinds of people. Read More »

Part 2 of How to write an outline for an essay.

For now, don’t worry about much except getting ideas down. You’ll learn more about how to write an outline for an essay as time goes by. Read More »

Book reports.

I have to write a book report on The Game Change for my AP Government class. I haven't written a book report since elementary school! How do you write an upper-level book report!?!?! Tips and help please! Read More »

“Both sides” of an argument

If you are investigating and comparing two ways of looking at something, be sure that you are clear about the fact that you are only examining two groups of ideas, do not pretend that those are the only ideas that exist. Read More »

How do I make my paper longer!

I’ve seen more than a few students say that they have written everything possible on a given subject in only 600 or 2000 words and that it is impossible to add the two more pages that the assignment requires. Read More »

How to learn about and write about subjects you don’t understand

First of all, don’t be afraid to talk to your grader in advance and let them that you are struggling to understand the material. They may have suggestions for other readings or Web sites that might help you get a handle on things. Read More »

I’m trying to write an academic paper and I don’t know where to begin.

Academic writing can be great, but sometimes, you’re just sick of it and it feels like writing one more conclusion will kill you. If you have time, talk to your instructor. If you don’t know how to talk to your instructor, here are some hints. First, think about what you’ve read, heard, and done, so far, in the class. What interested you? Was there something you loved? A subject you absolutely loathed? If that doesn’t give you any ideas, take it to your instructor during office hours. Tell them, I hated X or the way that so-and-so described X. Would recommend some reading that would help me analyze those ideas in a paper? See how easy? Read More »

Do Word Goals Work? Dissertations and more.

Yes. Word goals are a structure, a program; they are more like a recipe than a standard chemical equation; there is room for tastes and for changing the balance of flavors. Read More »

Free Essays

On the other hand, there are reputable companies, like, that will let you know what you are really getting right up front. They offer templates, samples and editing of an excellent standard but even they, do not offer free essays. That isn’t to say there aren’t any free essays available online. It is possible to find these; I should clarify this point. It is just that they will not be original or tailor written and often they will not be of very good quality. These are all usual requirements of teachers and professors at all levels of education so these ‘free essays’ won’t do you much good. Read More »

Top 5 Essay Topics in Science

Choosing an essay topic is never easy and for the scientific brain amenable to numbers and symbols, getting creative with essay topics may prove to be double the challenge squared. Sometimes, it does help to look at what others are writing to get some ideas so here are the top 5 essay topics in science. Read More »

Scholarship Essays

Scholarship essays are an excellent opportunity to prove to a College or University that you have what it takes to make it in academia. Some Colleges specify formatting requirements; follow their instructions to the letter. If they do not provide style criteria, then APA standard formatting will look professional and like you are ready for College. To begin with, create one or two generic essays on an interesting topic. Read More »


Historical, legal, expository, descriptive, narrative, argumentative: essays may be specifically any one of these or a may reflect a custom request from a professor or essays may represent a variety of research project or case study. Whichever you have been asked to produce there are some rules of thumb for writing essays which will help you produce interesting content regardless of the style required. Read More »

Pleasing all the Profs all the time

Missing tutorials and lectures and then attempting to write a term paper or other required document based upon the written specifications only, can be a minefield. While some professors are great and create paper outlines which are comprehensive and really do include everything they want to see, others are not quite so astute. Read More »

Academia for Students of Performing Arts or Music

Performing arts and music have always been competitive fields and today that is truer than ever before. No longer can students rely on talent alone to get ahead. These days academic credentials are just as important as inherent or learned talent. Read More »

Coping with Student Stress

Students have a lot to juggle. At no other time in life is a person expected to complete full days of study, as well as up to 30 hours of work every week, and maintain household and familial/social relationships. It is an extraordinary expectation! Some students thrive on the pace and pressure while others struggle, turn to counselors or professional services for help and sadly others just pack it in and quit; only 54% of university entrants in the U.S. come out with a graduate degree. Read More »

Introducing the PowerPapers Blog!

Welcome to's very own blog! This is the place to get tips on all sorts of issues related to academic writing and research, academic writers, researchers, and clients, and academia in general. Jon here, and I'm thrilled to be part of this blog! Soon you'll meet Kate, my partner in crime, who'll be sharing this space with me. Read More »


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