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How do I make my paper longer!

I’ve seen more than a few students say that they have written everything possible on a given subject in only 600 or 2000 words and that it is impossible to add the two more pages that the assignment requires. Read More »

How to learn about and write about subjects you don’t understand

First of all, don’t be afraid to talk to your grader in advance and let them that you are struggling to understand the material. They may have suggestions for other readings or Web sites that might help you get a handle on things. Read More »

Two Mistakes that Slow You Down and Make Writing More Unpleasant

Even for professionals like those at, there are times when writing itself is so stressful, you persuade yourself to go forward by indulging a few whims. Working in front of the television and saving the references for last, are to writing what candy is to the body, better as an occasional sprinkle than a foundation. Read More »

Perfecting the Personal Essay

The true art of a personal essay is capturing something special about yourself and then communicating it to everyone who reads the piece. It's definitely a lot harder than the initial assignment ever seems to be. Read More »

Case Studies

Case studies are for many of us the most fun we can have with education. That is in large part undoubtedly due to the happy fact that case studies pull us off our bums and into offices, zoos, hospitals, jungles or wherever else our particular brand of research may take us. Not sure this is true? Check out these crazy cases studies from the British Psychological Society: Read More »

Travelling for Scholarly Journal Research

Travel provides different perspective to every subject. In addition old customs, traditions and lore can lend alternative viewpoints which may be unique to previous data published in scholarly journals. This is true for every facet of research from cooking techniques to medicine to behavioural science. An excellent example is scientific research which shows that cancer rates are lower in third world countries. Understanding why, through first-hand experience, lends credible and interesting elements to any scholarly journal relevant to childcare, medicine, health or psychology. Read More »

Dictating Academic Writing

All that has changed with Smartphones and better transcription technologies. Not every service today will deliver accurate and fast text but, at long last, it is fair to say that some will. Today it is possible to dictate into a Smartphone and receive super accurate academic writing, super fast. Although the best of these academic writing services are still for the most part in beta stage, students can look forward to doing away with laborious note taking and writing in the very near future. Read More »

The Literature Review

A literature review is a body of text that aims to review the critical points of current knowledge using secondary sources. This will include substantive findings in addition to theoretical and methodological contributions in the field. In essence it is a review and analysis of literary works in relation to a specific research topic. The one key point of an effective literature review is that it comprehensively represents the work done in the field to date. An excellent literature review will represent the written views of professionals in the field to a level of great depth. Read More »


Wikipedia was and is a pioneer organization in open source software and applications. No one benefits more from the opportunities open-source has created than students at all levels of education. Read More »

A career in Environmental Research

Students considering graduate work in environmental studies need not worry they are coming in at the innovative tail end. Environmental research has evolved to include a vastly diverse spectrum of science and research. Read More »

The Value of Information

Not all information is created equal and that is especially true if you are researching online. Finding credible sources is becoming more complicated as sites become more sophisticated in appearance and style. Many internet sites which claim to be the experts in a given field are actually amateur blog sites or sites created to drive traffic in a certain direction – without any real or relevant credentials. So how then does one determine the legitimacy and credibility of a website? Read More »

Tutoring vs. Mentoring

When it comes to taking steps to improve grades or have additional study for greater comprehension there are a number of options available to students. While tutoring, especially one-on-one if you can afford it, is the best option for those who find traditional teaching methods easy to understand, there are many students who would do better with a mentoring situation. Read More »

Good Study

Begin the new school year with good study practices that will see you managing the year competently and with ease. Chances are no matter what level of education you are entering this year; high school, graduate or post-graduate, there will be tests, exams, research papers, essays and term papers across a range of subjects. Getting on top of these early is a good practice and for many students, this will be made easier by course outlines provided at the start of the year. Read More »

e-Reader versus iPad

Similar searches in the Kindle online bookstore to those performed in the iBookStore (political science and history classics) present significantly more book options in the Kindle bookstore. That isn’t a big deal if you can download and read Kindle books on the iPad and you can! Read More »

Summer Vacation

It’s pretty much over and back to school. Time to get serious again and hit the books after most students enjoyed a break lapping up the sunshine, enjoying the beach, parks and well, all the great stuff of holidays. But not all students opted for a break from the books or a holiday. Read More »

Cool Gadgets!

In a perfect world we all have these sexy toys at school! These are a few of the amazing new inventions on the market to help with study and relaxation. Read More »

Research Strategies for Students

Begin with a plan or a working outline. Assess the questions you have been tasked to answer, or the proposal you have put forth, and brainstorm ideas about how to approach the topic or data. Consider what surveys, panels or research sources will be required to provide the most comprehensive information. Once the big picture has been considered you are ready to begin - armed with your well conceived and prepared plan. Read More »

Coping with Student Stress

Students have a lot to juggle. At no other time in life is a person expected to complete full days of study, as well as up to 30 hours of work every week, and maintain household and familial/social relationships. It is an extraordinary expectation! Some students thrive on the pace and pressure while others struggle, turn to counselors or professional services for help and sadly others just pack it in and quit; only 54% of university entrants in the U.S. come out with a graduate degree. Read More »

Research with Twitter

The stream of consciousness nature of Twitter has created in essence, the largest brainstorming exercise known to humanity. Although much of what is posted on-line is undoubtedly complete drivel, researchers, academics and tertiary students are discovering the benefits of having a super brain, stream of consciousness in real-time, all the time! Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Lesson One

Each week, PowerPapers will present a three-part series of lessons designed to assist students in typical writing, research, editing, and related academic tasks. We begin with the research paper. Read More »

How to Choose an Excellent Academic Writing Company

If you are a student who is in need of a good academic model paper to assist you with a class, you will most likely turn to the Internet to search for paper writing companies. When you do so, you will be faced with the classic double-sided coin: you will have thousands of choices to wade through – and you will have thousands of choices to wade through! How on earth can you choose? Read More »

Labor Day Weekend: Last Blow-out or Work Weekend?

Being a college student need not be drudgery all the time. You can always buy a model paper when you need one to assist you through particularly rough patches -- or, for that matter, particularly fun patches when you would rather be with your friends and family than all alone at your desk. Read More »

Now is the Time to Get a Handle on your Classes!

If you are like tens of thousands of other college students, you went back to (or started) school yesterday. Because yesterday was a Monday, that means that you probably received at least three, possibly more, syllabi for new classes. The best thing for you to do right now is to sit down with paper and a pen, take out your syllabi, and start the review process. Read More »

Why Do I Have to Learn How to Write When I Want to be an Engineer?

Using a model term paper also allows a student to focus upon those subjects that make the most sense to him or her given what s/he plans to do in the future. Yes, it is important to know how to write well, but, for many professionals, it is more important to know how to draw a blueprint for a bridge using computer-aided drafting software, or how to draw blood from a patient for a critical test. Read More »

Fall Semester Begins August 24, 2009 for Many Students!

Today marks the last day of summer vacation for hundreds of thousands of college students. While many will not return for another week or so, plenty of institutions around the country (and world, for that matter), get their students started early. Tomorrow is the first official day of class for those students! Read More »

Long time no see!

Jon and I took a couple of days off to enjoy the last few days of quiet in this mid-August calm spell. Yet even from our blankets on the beach, we still couldn't keep away from the topic of academic writing and research. Read More »

Writing Poems

You know what? You should write a poem. I'm serious. Poetry is good to write for a thousand reasons, least of which is because poems are assigned in English classes. Read More »

It's Not Just About Term Papers

Referring to what we do as "writing term papers" would be like referring to nurses as "the ones who bring the bedpans" when we all know they do so much more than that. Read More »

How to Choose a Good Academic Custom Term Paper Company

You might want to start now to think about who you will go to if you need some help with a model paper, case study, lab report, or other academic assignment. You don't want to be scrambling 12 hours before your paper is due to find a place that's reputable. That's exactly when you will get taken for a ride, and you'll not only lose a ton of money but you'll get a crappy product. I'm not trying to scare you, just trying to make sure it's clear why it's important to be prepared for this situation ahead of time. Read More »

Distance Learning (Online Classes)

Distance learning has been here for awhile, but now that the Internet is in everyone's living room, it's really taken off, gotten very sophisticated, and very accessible, and people are taking notice. This is why we focus on distance learning of all kinds, especially online classes, at PowerPapers. Read More »

Term Paper or Research Paper: What's the Difference?

I woke up this morning thinking about the differences between term papers and research papers. You know, these terms are always used as if they mean the same thing, but guess what, they are not! That isn't to say that there are no similarities, and of course sometimes they overlap, but there are some big differences. Read More »


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