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Research Paper Writing Strategies: Using the Betsy DeVos Lawsuit as an Example

Writing a research paper writing is a process of gathering and reading high quality resources about your topic, synthesizing their content, and drawing conclusions from what you find there. In order to demonstrate how to do that not just generally, but about a topic that is still evolving we will discuss the Betsy DeVos lawsuit. Read More »

Figuring out your research paper layout.

It is always a good idea to ask your teacher or professor for an example if they’ve not given one. Read More »

How to write an introduction to a research paper.

If you are struggling with writing an introduction to your research paper, it is always best to stick to the basics. Read More »

Writing a research paper introduction.

Your introduction should function as a map of the paper, indicating key research and findings that will be explored in the paper. Read More »

What is researcher bias and how do I avoid it?

Writing a true research paper, complete with some sort of study or experiment, is required for many degree programs. From psychology to marketing and especially in the hard sciences, the ability to design and execute a research project is an important part of your college education.

But that doesn't make it easy. We all have certain preconceived ideas that can easily slide into our research papers. Those ideas can become researcher bias and eliminate any usefulness that the study has if not controlled for in the experiment. Read More »

How to Read a Syllabus

The first week of class is a good time to read through the syllabus and figure out what the instructor expects to accomplish in the class. Don't just stuff the syllabus in your book or notebook and forget or worse yet, throw it away. The syllabus holds all kinds of valuable information, if you simply read it carefully and know what to look for. Read More »

7 Tips for How to Write Research Papers

Pick a topic that is fun and interesting. Give yourself plenty of time to read and think about what you would like to do. Trying to answer questions about a particular subject may lead you to a good paper idea.

What subject(s) are you interested in?
What interests you most about a particular subject?
Is there anything you wonder about or are puzzled about with regard to that subject? Read More »

A Research Paper

A research paper is any paper, written for any subject, which requires the writer to review previous writings and to draw conclusions. Every field of study is likely to require a number of research papers throughout the course of study. A research paper does not just teach research skills, it will hone interview, sourcing, investigative and writing skills that will stand students in good stead throughout their lives and careers. Read More »

Descriptive Essay

Finely formed words that illuminate and inform are the foundation of the delightful descriptive essay. Seriously, that is a bit over the top but it is true that the descriptive essay wants more creative prose than other kinds of essays. The nature of the descriptive essay lends itself to essays about experience or case study rather than pure fact. As such successful descriptive essays frequently center on themes of personal drama or growth or a cathartic event. Read More »

Research Papers: Five steps to creating an outstanding research paper.

A research paper is sometimes referred to as a term paper, particularly when it is required to show what the student has learnt over a set period such as a semester. Whichever term is used the basic rules for writing research papers apply. A research paper will usually ask a student to argue a particular point using information gained throughout the course of study and substantiated by external referenced sources. Read More »

How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

High school and college students as well as professional writers alike should develop specific skills in how to write an introductory paragraph. Many think this is merely the beginning of a research paper or essay; the first words on the page. In fact, the proper execution of an introductory paragraph requires much more that this! Most students would be completely surprised to find out that the writing of an introductory paragraph for a model essay or custom research paper is the LAST task to complete! Read More »

How to Write an Abstract

There are many reasons and uses for knowing how to write an abstract. While this exact term is generally limited to an academic setting, an abstract is basically a summary. Therefore, it is important for high school and college students to know how to write an abstract in order to earn high grades on their academic essays and research papers. Those who know how to write an abstract realize that there are five basic components to producing an effective and accurate summary for academic papers. Students often use the services of a professional writer via an academic writing company to streamline and refine the abstract required when they purchase term papers. KVEZTD9VZM6J Read More »

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

Most students are familiar with a bibliography but fewer know how to write an annotated bibliography. Those who buy the services offered by an academic writing company will learn the distinction between the two. A traditional bibliography is the list of references found at the end of a term paper, essay or research paper. These are the sources the writer used to formulate ideas, theories, and data for the thesis of the academic paper,and this is what is sent to clients when they purchase term papers. Depending on the requirements of the course, several different formats may be required for the standard bibliography including APA, MLA, or Harvard style formatting. These specifics will determine how the professional writers and students present the information. In an annotated bibliography, however, the student will apply thoughtful details to the list of references. Each annotation is actually a descriptive and evaluative comment about the source which was used for the research paper or essay. Read More »

Online Classes and Custom Essays

Online classes have not only changed the way in which education is delivered, but they have also opened the door to career opportunities for students of all ages. Many students who choose to partner online classes with custom essay services find that this experience is much like having their own personal tutor. When they buy custom essay services from an academic writing company, they have access to professional writers. These professionals can work with students who are taking online classes to develop and present custom essays that are reflective of a student’s understanding of the course material.This is particularly critical for students who are taking online classes for the first time. Some of the formats available for purchase include research papers, discussion responses, essays, term papers, blog and journal postings, theses, and dissertations. Read More »

How to Write a Thesis Statement: Lessons Two and Three

At the college and university levels students are often required to form their own thesis statement for research papers and essays. This process can be defined in several steps that will result in a quality concept related to the subject matter covered in class. Read More »

How to Write a Thesis Statement: Lesson One

Regardless of the subject matter assigned, every topic can be reduced to a single question and the resulting answers. Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Lesson Three

Professional academic writers utilize a series of checklists to determine the quality of a college or university research paper, and the professor will use these as well! Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Lesson Two

Once you have chosen a topic and attempted to conduct some preliminary research to demonstrate that you know how to write a research paper, you will compose your thesis statement. Professional writing services can work with you on an individual basis to formulate and construct a thoughtful and insightful thesis statement. Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Lesson One

Each week, PowerPapers will present a three-part series of lessons designed to assist students in typical writing, research, editing, and related academic tasks. We begin with the research paper. Read More »

Why Do I Have to Learn How to Write When I Want to be an Engineer?

Using a model term paper also allows a student to focus upon those subjects that make the most sense to him or her given what s/he plans to do in the future. Yes, it is important to know how to write well, but, for many professionals, it is more important to know how to draw a blueprint for a bridge using computer-aided drafting software, or how to draw blood from a patient for a critical test. Read More »

More on Journal Entries and Reflections

Finally, you can use your journals as a sort of treasure trove from which you can pick out ideas for research papers and term papers, even essays. You'll be amazed what you've written down over the course of the semester when you flip back through the pages in search of topics for papers. So, you can choose one (or four) and write as many papers as you need, and this way, you know your topics are ones you like. Read More »

Writing Academic Papers is Like Gardening

I was gardening today, weeding around the seedlings and thinking about writing papers, and realizing the similarities. When you write a paper, the first steps are like tending a garden. Read More »

It's Not Just About Term Papers

Referring to what we do as "writing term papers" would be like referring to nurses as "the ones who bring the bedpans" when we all know they do so much more than that. Read More »

Term Paper or Research Paper: What's the Difference?

I woke up this morning thinking about the differences between term papers and research papers. You know, these terms are always used as if they mean the same thing, but guess what, they are not! That isn't to say that there are no similarities, and of course sometimes they overlap, but there are some big differences. Read More »


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