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How to Use a Custom College Essay Writing Service

As Uncle Iroh says, “power and perfection are overrated”. Read More »

Preparing for your second term in college: A winter term checklist. Part 2.

Like with work, planning vacations helps you avoid excessive sick days. Read More »

Preparing for your second term in college: A winter term checklist. Part 1.

Starting a new term the second time calls for a checklist that is a bit more sophisticated, like you! Read More »

Term papers.

You can purchase the term paper from us, in addition to the outline and draft. Read More »

Shopping and working online? Sounds scary.

Whether you are looking to buy essays online or are looking for writing jobs online, come join us on the sunny side! Read More »

For the next nine months, someone is always having midterms or finals.

It is important not to fall for “all or nothing” thinking. Read More »

Midterms and finals.

Midterms and finals inevitably mean a balancing act. Read More »

A common conversation:

Our goal with each customer is to make that person so happy, she can’t keep us a secret and tells a friend or two. Read More »

How can I purchase term papers?

If you want to purchase term papers from us, don’t worry, it is very simple and straightforward. Read More »

Buy essays online.

The ordering process is quite simple. Read More »

Are you a thesis writing service

It is unlikely that you have been assigned something that we have never seen before. Read More »

What are “term paper writing services”?

We provide other writing services, but the backbone of our business is providing academic services to students, teachers, and professors. Read More »

Term paper writing service.

We are happy to work with students in stages, providing bibliographies, outlines, and more, as needed. Read More »

What should I write my college essay about?

Think about whether there was a reading, lecture, or subject that you liked or even really hated. Read More »

Maybe you don't need a counselor

Sometimes students are stressed out and they go to counseling services for help, but the help doesn't come. The counselor is fine, but nothing is getting better and you're starting to wonder if you were ever in need of the extra dose of emotional support. Consider this, maybe it isn't a counselor you need, but a tutor. Read More »

I’m trying to write an academic paper and I don’t know where to begin.

Academic writing can be great, but sometimes, you’re just sick of it and it feels like writing one more conclusion will kill you. If you have time, talk to your instructor. If you don’t know how to talk to your instructor, here are some hints. First, think about what you’ve read, heard, and done, so far, in the class. What interested you? Was there something you loved? A subject you absolutely loathed? If that doesn’t give you any ideas, take it to your instructor during office hours. Tell them, I hated X or the way that so-and-so described X. Would recommend some reading that would help me analyze those ideas in a paper? See how easy? Read More »

The Most Common Student Writing Mistakes

The staff of PowerPapers are not only skilled writers, but many are also professional editors. More commonly known as grammar nerds, these individuals are familiar with the most common errors and can get your paper polished and perfected in (almost) no time! Read More »

Pleasing all the Profs all the time

Missing tutorials and lectures and then attempting to write a term paper or other required document based upon the written specifications only, can be a minefield. While some professors are great and create paper outlines which are comprehensive and really do include everything they want to see, others are not quite so astute. Read More »

Student Products and Discounts

You may not know it but there is an overabundance of bargains and discounts available exclusively to students which provide huge opportunities to purchase top grade equipment, software and other stuff cheaply. Read More »


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