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A little extra stress goes a long way and procrastination has its benefits. Read More »

How to Write an Argumentative Thesis

Let the facts do the arguing. Read More »

Graduate level writing and the importance of partial conclusions

Many writers struggle with developing their writing into a more appropriate academic style when they begin graduate school. There are many ways to improve your writing and developing an understanding of partial conclusions and how to use them is something that any writer will benefit from. However, for graduate students it is a necessity to achieve this level of professional understanding in their field. Read More »

“Both sides” of an argument

If you are investigating and comparing two ways of looking at something, be sure that you are clear about the fact that you are only examining two groups of ideas, do not pretend that those are the only ideas that exist. Read More »

An easy way to improve your writing.

Beginning writers often struggle with developing a more properly academic style in their writing. Read More »
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Tips for a comparative essay (aka a comparison essay.)

One simple mistake that younger writers make when writing a comparison essay is choosing something they like and comparing it to something they dislike. This often seems like a good idea because it is so much fun to think about something you really enjoy and to pick on something that you don’t like. Unfortunately, that usually makes for thoughtlessness and oversimplification. Read More »

The basics of interpreting or analyzing a poem

Poetry is often very daunting even for people who are very comfortable with analyzing narratives. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make poetry less intimidating. Some of what makes poetry more intimidating is often its unusual structure (when compared to other types of writing,) its rhyme schemes, and the prevalence of metaphor. For this post, let us examine the structural issues that many find so off-putting. Read More »

How do I make my paper longer!

I’ve seen more than a few students say that they have written everything possible on a given subject in only 600 or 2000 words and that it is impossible to add the two more pages that the assignment requires. Read More »

I can’t get started! (Part 2)

The trick with making sleep nonnegotiable is to make “go to bed on time” the stress trigger. If you work better while feeling a bit under the gun, start telling yourself at Noon that bed is only eleven hours away. You’ve only got eleven hours, move move move move. All that stuff you say to keep yourself awake and moving at 1AM? You need to start saying it 1PM. You are the one creating pressure for yourself, not the time of day or night; you can pour it on just as easily at 4PM. Read More »

I can’t get started! (Part 1)

Procrastination is a friend and an enemy. First of all, calm down, it really is OK to procrastinate. Some people work better under a bit of stress and sometimes those people have to manufacture it themselves. It’s fine! There are two situations you have to look for, though. 1) You procrastinate too much (it leads to lost sleep, lost fun, self-recrimination, and poorer work.) 2) You’ve lost all motivation and are replacing it with plain old stress. Read More »

Could I become an academic writer?

There are some traits that a good academic writer needs to have. You need to be self-motivated, because no one is going to check up on your work pace and keep you going. You need to be organized, because you will often have more than one assignment due each day. You need to be able to clear away mental clutter in order to focus on the core each essay, even as you change from subject to subject over the course of a day. You need to be a good written communicator, not just in academic writing, but also via email with your clients and various freelance coordinators. Read More »

How to learn about and write about subjects you don’t understand

First of all, don’t be afraid to talk to your grader in advance and let them that you are struggling to understand the material. They may have suggestions for other readings or Web sites that might help you get a handle on things. Read More »

Poetry and Prose and More

People are often surprised to find out that as a professional writer I’ve written countless poems, short stories, plays, and even screenplays, for clients. Students in all types of programs need support sometimes and ghostwriting is exists in all professions. There is an underlying assumption that writers must love their jobs and therefore are eager to do them 100% of the time. That might be true, but writers are also human beings who experience all of the stress and demands that other people do, and sometimes they have writers block or some other issue that interferes with their writing. As a writer I’ve also written religious speeches for officiates from a host of religious perspectives, romantic poetry, and ghost stories. Read More »

I’m trying to write an academic paper and I don’t know where to begin.

Academic writing can be great, but sometimes, you’re just sick of it and it feels like writing one more conclusion will kill you. If you have time, talk to your instructor. If you don’t know how to talk to your instructor, here are some hints. First, think about what you’ve read, heard, and done, so far, in the class. What interested you? Was there something you loved? A subject you absolutely loathed? If that doesn’t give you any ideas, take it to your instructor during office hours. Tell them, I hated X or the way that so-and-so described X. Would recommend some reading that would help me analyze those ideas in a paper? See how easy? Read More »

Do Word Goals Work? Dissertations and more.

Yes. Word goals are a structure, a program; they are more like a recipe than a standard chemical equation; there is room for tastes and for changing the balance of flavors. Read More »

Two Mistakes that Slow You Down and Make Writing More Unpleasant

Even for professionals like those at, there are times when writing itself is so stressful, you persuade yourself to go forward by indulging a few whims. Working in front of the television and saving the references for last, are to writing what candy is to the body, better as an occasional sprinkle than a foundation. Read More »

Top 5 Mistakes in APA Formatting

APA formatting has a number of pitfalls. Learn to avoid common mistakes to improve the clarity of your writing. If you’re having trouble writing (or editing) your work to comply with APA standards, let us help! Allow our writers to polish your draft with a customized edit for formatting errors. Our writers are highly trained in several formatting styles. Read More »

The Value of Information

Not all information is created equal and that is especially true if you are researching online. Finding credible sources is becoming more complicated as sites become more sophisticated in appearance and style. Many internet sites which claim to be the experts in a given field are actually amateur blog sites or sites created to drive traffic in a certain direction – without any real or relevant credentials. So how then does one determine the legitimacy and credibility of a website? Read More »

How to Write a Research Paper: Lesson One

Each week, PowerPapers will present a three-part series of lessons designed to assist students in typical writing, research, editing, and related academic tasks. We begin with the research paper. Read More »

I'm a Returning Student: What Do I Need to Know? Three Important Tips

So, the first thing you need to know, if you are a returning student, is that it is natural to feel anxiety, for these reasons as well as others. The second thing you need to know is that all of these things can, and will, be worked out. It's like starting a new job; there is a learning curve, a lot of things to get used to, but within a relatively short period of time, everything is second nature. The third important thing to know is that there is help! Read More »

Journal Entries and Reflections: Why they are Good Things

One assignment type I find particularly useful is the journal entry (sometimes called a reflection). These are just what it seems, almost diary entries, based upon a particular class reading, class discussion, or other issue which the professor has deemed important enough to think about. Usually not graded as to grammar, punctuation, or other similar parameters, the journal entry is the ideal place for a student to reflect upon concepts, ideas, thoughts, without worrying about the writing itself. Read More »

Model Papers are like Cookies: It's Hard to Just Get One

Once a student breaks the ice, so to speak, and purchases his or her first model term paper or other project, s/he understands just what an amazing help they can be. A time saver, a money saver, a sanity saver -- I've heard all of these kinds of comments and more in my many years in this business. Read More »

Who Should Take Electives? YOU SHOULD!

If you can afford it, take a few electives in college, even if you don't have to. Why? I'll tell you why. It's mostly what Kate was talking about yesterday, about how you never know when something in college will inspire you to think in an entirely new direction Read More »

Writing Academic Papers is Like Gardening

I was gardening today, weeding around the seedlings and thinking about writing papers, and realizing the similarities. When you write a paper, the first steps are like tending a garden. Read More »

Why It's Fine that Writing Matters More to Some than to Others

Everyone from art majors to engineers is expected to be able to write everything from a term paper to a dissertation. What gives? Are literature majors expected to program a computer before they are allowed to graduate? I don't think so. Read More »


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