About Our Writers

PowerPapers bases its hiring policy upon several criteria, which means that you can be sure of all of the following things when it comes to your writer:

1. All writers possess at least one advanced degree.

The ability to earn an advanced degree not only speaks of elevated proficiency in a particular discipline, but also speaks to the ability to write a thesis, dissertation, or equivalent (e.g. a series of KAMs or a capstone project). We only hire those writers who have this ability, for not only does it mean they have the necessary experience to assist others in this fashion, but it also means that they possess extraordinary research skills. Our clients want to know that their writers have proven themselves in academia, and we agree that this is important.

2. All writers are native English speakers who reside in the US, the UK, or Canada.

This is a must when it comes to writing papers for colleges and universities that are English-speaking by definition. Even the most sophisticated of English-language learners write with very particular kinds of phrasing, word usages, and other "markers" that set them apart from native speakers. We know that your model papers must be free of such markers, and this is why we only hire native English speakers.

3. All writers have at least two or more years of professional writing experience.

It isn't enough to know one's field, whether or not one possesses a degree in it. Plenty of people know what they're doing, but cannot write about it. We insist that our writers have already worked in this business before, as professional writers producing term papers, research papers, theses, dissertations, and other written materials. This is an incredibly demanding profession, and we need to know that our writers can handle its particular challenges.

4. All writers are able to write in more than one discipline.

We need to know that our writers can research and write about a wide variety of topics and in several different fields, not just one or two. Sure, it's one thing to be able to whip off an English essay or two, but can the writer switch gears and write an appropriate response to an aviation-related simulation? The importance of being able to write intelligently in several different disciplines is not only the mark of a superb professional writer, but it also makes it possible for clients to work with the same writer in many different classes, thus providing them with models that have the same overall style.

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