About PowerPapers

PowerPapers was begun in 2008 by a group of experienced professionals with over 40 years of combined expertise in the writing and researching business. We formed our company largely to fill the glaring gaps left by our competitors. The bottom line is that we do not believe that clients should have to choose between reasonable prices and high quality, and so we offer both.

Innovative Services

You can be sure your paper will be written by the most qualified writer we have. First, our unique software automatically matches your requirements to a selection of our expert writers. Then your writer is hand-picked by a customer service professional to ensure that you get the best match possible.

Our innovations in handling Distance Learning have given us a distinctive edge as online courses and degrees become increasingly popular. Not only can we write model papers, we can also assist in all or part of your coursework, including model discussion postings, team projects, and more. It's easy! Just send us your syllabus (via copy and paste, upload, fax, or e-mail) and we'll get to work.

Experienced Writers and Staff

Although PowerPapers is new, our staff members are not.

Our writers represent the cream of the crop, hand-selected from among the best in the business to work solely for PowerPapers. We employ customer service professionals who have worked hands-on with students in this business for many years, and know their needs inside and out. And our behind-the-scenes technical experts understand the demands of matching all projects to experienced writers, as well as the need to provide top-level security.

With PowerPapers, you know your payments are secured by our certified SSL encryption, and neither IP addresses nor full credit card numbers are stored to comply with PCI standards. Your email will be used solely for correspondence between PowerPapers and YOU - no promotions, no advertisements, and no third party vendors.

Committed to Excellence While We Grow

PowerPapers has exploded in popularity among students of all ages and levels, as well as recently graduated job-seekers. Our staff continues to grow to meet their needs, and will continue to do so.

Because of our commitment to excellence, PowerPapers is always looking for ways to improve. Please send us your suggestions and opinions via our contact form!